3 Teams That Should Sign Tyler Toffoli

Tyler Toffoli

The NHL offseason is already buzzing and we are not even one week into it. With all the talk surrounding guys like Taylor Hall and Oliver Ekman-Larsson, no one has been buzzing with a guy like Tyler Toffoli. After being one of the biggest trade bait options for last year’s deadline, he was shipped to Vancouver as they were in the middle of a playoff push.

After a pretty good run with Vancouver scoring 10 points in 10 regular-season games and 4 points in seven playoff games, Toffoli is set to search the open market. His speed and hands should be a great addition to any club. So who should break out their checkbooks and give Toffoli a call?

Colorado Avalanche

The Avs are already a scary group with the young superstars they have. At last year’s deadline, they were looking for a winger to help solidify an already amazing offense and could only snag Vladislav Namestnikov from Ottawa. With his return to be uncertain, Toffoli could be a nice option to round up the top six.

Colorado has the cap space to make a signing like this. For a team that is already dangerous and is willing to keep making moves, this move could be a home run. They do not need to commit to him long term. but maybe a 2-3 year contract could work out for them really well.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Before everyone starts freaking out, let’s just play out some scenarios. Toronto is in trouble with their cap after some bonehead decisions with the contracts they gave out They are going to want to make some moves for sure. Nylander has been a name that has been floating around to be traded and that could make some major relief.

I don’t see Toffoli signing for anything above $5.5-6 million a year, which is less then Nylander. They are two different styled players, but Toffoli is still a great option. It is something to think about with the Leafs looking for a major rebrand to make the next lead to possibly getting out of the first round (or round zero).

Boston Bruins

I cannot stress enough that the Bruins need a winger for their top six. Lots of chatter with Boston surrounding a couple of their regulars in Krug, Rask, and DeBrusk. There have also been talks about the possibility of the Bruins going after Taylor Hall. If they want a cheaper option to play on the right side of David Krejci, they should definitely look at Toffoli.

Toffoli has been linked to the Bruins in the past and could be a perfect fit in the top six. He could also add a scoring touch to the power-play. His wicked snapshot and quick wrist shot could be key to finding some much needed secondary scoring. Toffoli to Boston could be a very under the radar move that could happen and Boston fans should welcome the idea.