Ranking All 31 Reverse Retro Jerseys From Worst To Best

The NHL has made it official today by releasing all 31 Reverse Retro jerseys for every team. These jerseys bring a classic design from the past and add a current or futuristic twist to the color scheme. Overall, this project was a success for anyone who is a die-hard jersey lover, like me. I closely looked at every team’s design to determine the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Some teams knocked it out of the park while some teams look like they forgot the project was due until the last second.

31. Detroit Red Wings

Detroit has had the same look for their entire franchise basically. With limited to no options to choose from, they decided to take their home design, make it white, and replace the red stripes with a very faint grey. Like, what the hell is that? It looks like a Walmart branded jersey or even worse, a standard $20 long-sleeved t-shirt. Not a good look Detroit.

30. New York Islanders

The Islanders have had their fair share of jersey designs in their history. They decided to go to their earlier days and turn it into a navy design. The problem is, this design looks THE EXACT SAME AS THEIR NORMAL HOME. The orange and white stripes are switched, but that’s the only difference. Looks like there is no effort put in here.

29. Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs decided to go back to the 80s with their look and man was this a disaster. Like Detroit, they tried to incorporate grey and this did not work. The blue Leafs logo with a white trim is cool, but overall the jersey just looks incomplete. Not my favorite at all.

28. Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets are on their second term as an NHL franchise and with that, they decided to honor their first franchise with this design. The team decided to take the first Jets jersey and add their current color scheme to it. They used a grey base with navy shoulders and white trim. It was a great attempt, but it looked like a jersey I would create in NHL 21. They could have gone in a different direction, but this will have to do. It’s something about a grey base that doesn’t sit right for me if it isn’t Los Angeles.

27. Edmonton Oilers

Yes, this is a classic look to a historic era in NHL history. This jersey takes the look of the Gretzky lead Oilers and adds a little spice to the shoulders and numbers. It isn’t the worst design by any means. In fact, I like it, but it seems bland for the nature of the jersey. Classic look, classic twist, classic result. Lots of orange to dissect here from a usual royal blue primary.

26. Chicago Blackhawks

I am all for Chicago having a black-based alternate to add to their perfect set of home and away jerseys. This one just seems to be incomplete for some reason. They are the team that went the farthest back in time to get their design. The classic logo is awesome, but the stripes on the sleeves only make it look like I should be expecting more. Overall, not too bad.

25. San Jose Sharks

I love the Sharks color scheme of teal, orange, black and white. They decided to take a design from their early days and make it with a grey base. I thought this was going to be lower on my kist with the initial mockup I sawm but they pulled it off to jump up a few spots. It is not my favorite, but it could be far worse than it is. I just wouldn’t buy it.

24. Pittsburgh Penguins

An ode to the days of Jaromir Jagr. I dig it. The only problem is that there is something about yellow letters on a white canvas that doesn’t sit well with me. Also, no team should have a diagonal text of their team name across the front beside the Rangers. It is just a fact. It looks unnatural for anyone else. Regardless, I am a sucker for a black and gold color scheme for anyone. Not bad.

23. Philadelphia Flyers

This look was a nod to the days of Eric Lindros. A classic orange-based with white shoulders and black wrists. Now, they have switched the black and white and have their reverse retro. These jerseys are better than their current homes in my opinion and the Flyers did a good job with this one. I like it.

22. Nashville Predators

The Predators might have one of the more interesting first jerseys for their franchise of all time. The combination of silver, white, navy, and gold made for a unique look back when they came in the 90s. They decided to take that look and add their current gold primary look to it. It is not the worst, but silver and gold next to each other are unique. The old logo that makes the tiger look more possessed is always awesome to look at.

21. St. Louis Blues

The Blues were one of three teams to introduce a retro throwback jersey last year (Los Angeles and Vancouver). They decided to take that jersey, switch the blue and red colors, and BOOM. There you have a reverse retro. There is something about it that seems to pop for me. It will be different seeing the Blues wearing something that is not blue. The gold stripes add to the unique design and I can really get behind it.

20. Dallas Stars

I was very disappointed with this one. I loved the jerseys from the Mike Modano and Brett Hull days. When it was announced that would be the design they would use, I got really excited. The Star based design is always a treat to look at, but this one felt incomplete. There is not color below the star that I wished they made green, but overall the design is still cool. The white gloves and pants they will wear is a different story, but that is for later.

19. New Jersey Devils

Merry Christmas everyone! Not really, but that’s all you can think of when New Jersey brings their past colors up. They went full Christmas by making a green-based jersey this time of a look that was made (kind of) famous by Martin Brodeur. I love it. If I wasn’t used to seeing New Jersey with red and black, I would have it higher.

18. Calgary Flames

Guess who is back? Back again. Blasty is back. Tell a friend. The return of Blasty the horse has Flames fans crossed between love and hate. I love it. The design is crisp and the logo is too good not to be on a jersey. The Flames just look “fire” whenever they get a chance to rep a black jersey. Well done Calgary.

17. Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver is one of two teams to ever incorporate a gradient color design into a jersey (Tampa Bay in 2019). Back then, it used to be red and navy. Now, it includes their famous green and navy. It is so unique to see and I am all for it. Even as a Boston fan, I tip my hat to such a unique look. Lots of green to see here as well which is a great touch considering Vancouver already has two jerseys that a primarily blue.

16. Montreal Canadiens

The wait is finally over Habs fans. The team has finally incorporated a blue version of their classic home jersey. The long wait had come to an end. Such an iconic look is hard to change, even if it is for one season, but this one was a no brainer. Any normal fan would have seen this coming. I love it, even as a Bruins fan.

15. Ottawa Senators

The Sens made the right move to go back to their old jerseys from the 90s and now they seem to have gone with that full send with this jersey. They took that classic look from the 90s and switched the red and black to create a crisp and slick new thread. It is so simple that it looks amazing.

14. Columbus Blue Jackets

The days of Stinger have come back to life. The logo is certainly different from their current one, but it’s pretty cool either way. Their first design of the away look gets a red to overtake. The stars on the wrists are an automatic 10. The entire shoulder and sleave as white are certainly different, but pretty sweet. I have been waiting for Columbus to get a red jersey for a long time.

13. Boston Bruins

At first, I thought these were hideous when the leak came out. Now, they have started growing on me. The days of Neely and Bourque were some of the more electric times in Bruins history and this jersey certainly captures that intensity. The gold base is certainly different then what we used to, but it adds a different look to a team that has stayed with the same color scheme for over 90 years.

12. Florida Panthers

Ever since 2012, the Panthers have stuck with red as their color of choice. Myself, as well as the fans, have been asking for a navy third for a long time. Now, we finally get one and it is glorious. The leaping Panther logo should never have left the front crest. The combination of navy, red, white, and bronze is glorious. What the Panthers lack in attendance, they made up for with this beauty.

11. Vegas Golden Knights

Since the Golden Knights have only been around for three seasons, they had to dig deep into the history of hockey in Vegas for this one. The V design of grey, gold, and black is a great touch to the vibrant red base. They finally incorporated the secondary logo as the front crest and it looks badass. The whole design is slim, sleek, and stylish and might have a spot in my collection.

10. New York Rangers

Lady Liberty has returned to the NHL. Ranger fans have been waiting for their team to bring back the iconic jersey that saw a Lady Liberty inspired logo to be featured on the front. The jersey could have been a slam dunk in the top five, but they decided to take away some of the colors on the sleaves and go with a simple design instead. Overall, a fantastic look, but it could have been better with a little more added to it.

9. Arizona Coyotes

The return of Peyote Coyote. This jersey just screams drug hallucinations. If you can incorporate a canvas of a desert into a hockey jersey and make it look presentable, that is some major style points for you. The original jersey was green and this one is a very vibrant purple. I am a sucker for purple jerseys and this one is one large electric factory. Some fans hate it, but I love how unique it is. The kachina coyote head on the front is always a classic.

8. Anaheim Ducks

Flying V formation activated. The return of Wild Wing is always a treat for anyone who truly appreciates the Mighty Ducks movie series. The original teal based design of Wild Wing jumping out of the ice had fans back in the day scratching their heads. Now, it seems they have jumped on the hype train and are all for it and so am I. These jerseys are meant to be unique in their own ways and by far this is one of the more unique ones.

7. Colorado Avalanche

For the first time since the 90s, the Nordiques will be back on the ice for an NHL game, sort of. Colorado decided to honor the franchise before them as their jersey is a remake of the Nordiques iconic home uniforms. They used their current color scheme with the jersey itself and made the recognizable Nordiques logo the center of attention. This is a slam dunk by Colorado.

6. Tampa Bay Lightning

When you win the Stanely Cup, you tend to remember the past teams to also accomplish this feat. The Lightning did this as they looked back to 2004 for the only other time their franchise has hoisted Lord Stanley. They took that iconic home jersey and added their current blue-based jersey to it and it looks marvelous. The classic logo on the front really brings it all home. Fantastic.

5. Buffalo Sabres

The greatest thing to happen to the Sabres was switching back to royal blue as their primary color for next season. They kept this trend going by bringing back the “angry goat” era with their modern color scheme. The Buffalo written text across the stripe on the waist is amazing. The crossing sword logo on the front and the angry goat on the shoulders just makes it too good to possibly be for one season.

4. Washington Capitals

This might be one of my favorite jerseys of all time, let alone on this list. The screaming eagle logo was made famous by the early years of Ovechkin, especially his iconic back swinging goal against the Gretzky lead Coyotes. The old color scheme was a mix of black, bronze, powder blue, and white. It wouldn’t be right if a team called the Capitals that plays in the nation’s capital didn’t wear red, white, and blue. This jersey adds that element and a design that you cannot go wrong with.

3. Carolina Hurricanes

Hey Alexa. Play Brass Bonanza. The Whalers are back once again for the third straight season. This time, it’s a twist to their iconic whites and made into a futuristic grey-based jersey. It’s clean, it’s classic, and it’s fresh. Stupendous if you will. Fans are still upset that the Hurricanes are not the Whalers and never will be, but this is a great nod to a time where hockey was played in Connecticut. Have some fun and lighten up. This jersey is fire and will look even better on the ice.

2. Minnesota Wild

Let the controversy begin. Minnesota, before they were the Wild, was the iconic North Stars before they were shipped down to Dallas. Their color scheme of green, yellow and white, is recognizable by any true hockey fan if presented in front of them. The Wild decided to honor the days of the North Stars with this look. Although their franchise wasn’t originally the North Stars, which is where the controversy is coming from, this is still a fire direction they went in. By far one of the cleanest mashups I have ever seen. The new logo on the front is five stars too.

1. Los Angeles Kings

The Kings have been through their fair share of jersey color changes in the past. Their original look featured the iconic colors of the Lakers of purple and yellow before they switched the black, grey, and white. Those days after the purple and yellow era was mostly defined by Wayne Gretzky coming over and setting the points and goals record in those threads. They decided to take that iconic design and add the Lakers colors to it and make the crispest looking reverse retro out of all of them. The new logo design on the front was a home run as well. Amazing job Los Angeles.

Which reverse retro is your favorite? Which one is too high and which one is too low? Let us know in the comments below.