Three Players The Blues Should Look To Sign

Alex Pietrangelo could be leaving in free agency. The Blues only other key free agent to re-sign is Vince Dunn. However, the problem is that the Blues have just under six million dollars of cap space to get both these signings done. Although, if St. Louis decides to move on from third-line center Tyler Bozak it clears enough space to re-sign Vince Dunn to the same contract Brandon Carlo is on (two-years 2.85 million AAV). This would leave the Blues with just over eight million dollars of cap space. So who should the Blues sign?

Alex Pietrangelo

We have seen many captains decide to take hometown deals to stay with their clubs and make their respected clubs more competitive. Alex Pietrangelo staying in St. Louis is not out of the question. Maybe if the Blues budge on the no-trade clause Pietrangelo will decide to take the eight million dollar deal and a million-dollar or so discount and stay with the team. He is the captain and the heart of a St. Louis team a year removed from winning the Stanley Cup. Don’t be surprised if Pietrangelo forgives the Blues for their disrespect of getting ready to replace him with some moves to get ready to replace him this past-season.

Chris Tanev

If Pietrangelo does decide to make more money in Toronto or elsewhere look for the Blues to be all in on Chris Tanev. Justin Faulk is not quite a top-pair defenseman and the Blues will need a top-pair defenseman on their right-hand side. Chris Tanev is the next best thing to Pietrangelo as far as right-handed defenseman goes on the free-agent market. Although, he is not as talented offensively as Pietrangelo who had 52 points last season to Tanev’s 20 points. He will come at a cheaper price and would allow the Blues to keep their forward lineup more intact.

Tyson Barrie


Tyson Barrie had an awful season last year in Toronto. On the other hand, A year ago Barrie had 59 points (14 goals, 45 assists) with the Colorado Avalanche. Could look for him to sign a one year prove-it deal with St. Louis to secure him more money now and in the future. Could be a win-win for both parties as Barrie will look to rejuvenate his career and the Blues would not risk much. Barrie could be a sneaky home-run for the Blues this off-season.