Top 5 Ugliest Jerseys In NHL History

Vancouver Canucks Old Jersey

With the news breaking of the NHL introducing their line of “Reverse Retro Jerseys” within the next few months, it got me thinking of all the jerseys the NHL has seen be worn during their games. It also got me thinking of some of the most horrendous looking jerseys that would literally make your eyes bleed when the team put on the threads. With that being said, here is my list of the top five ugliest jerseys in NHL history.

5. Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series Jersey 2014

For the first time in NHL history, the NHL implemented more than one outdoor game played in the United States in one season during the 2014 season. The introduction of the Stadium Series has been a popular sight to see every year ever since. With it being the inaugural event that would be a yearly turnout, the NHL decided to go with some major rivalries to play inside some of America’s most famous stadiums. This included the Battle of Southern California between the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings at historic Dodger Stadium.

The Kings came out with one of my favorite jerseys of all time for this game. As for Anaheim? This was a huge miss. There is something about Anaheim trying to make an orange-based jersey that always ends in a complete disaster. Their current alternate of the old Mighty Ducks logo with a modern twist isn’t that much of a fan favorite. Same thing with this one. The details are unnoticeable on the sleaves and ut looks like at first glance it is just a long-sleeved plain orange shirt with a shiny Ducks logo on the front. Huge miss from Anaheim here.

4. New York Islanders Alternate Jersey 2011-14

There is so many things wrong with this jersey. The Islanders seem to have wanted to go in a different direction with their jersey design and man was it brutal. They tried to implement a black base for the first time in team history while still including their modern colors in the details. While also including a silver shoulder base and an orange trim, it was destined to be horrendous from the start. Not only that, they tried to steal the thunder of their in-state rivals, the Rangers, by having their name “Islanders” be written on the front instead of their logo.

To top it all off, they have their wordmark and numbers set at an orange base and a white and blue outline on a black base. Plus, why not add a blue helmet to the uniform. Crazy times on Long Island at this time.

3. Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series Jersey 2020

Where do I start with this one? When the NHL implemented special jerseys for these Stadium Series games back in 2014, each one had a unique design while also trying to bring back a classic feel. As the years went by, the jerseys became more and more unique in a bad way. This year took the award for most horrendous. The Kings’ jersey isn’t the best, but over time it grew on me enough to have it not make the list. As for Colorado? Nothing has changed.

They kept their traditional colors of burgundy, baby blue and white as the color palette. That being said, there is no sign of the Avs logo except an outline of a mountain with a sloppy white overlay that looks like the players are wearing bibs at a fancy restaurant. It just didn’t look good at all when it came to buying it for apparel let alone when on the ice. I always give jerseys a chance to be shown on the ice with the full uniform before a full judgment was made. I knew this would be terrible from day one.

2. Montreal Canadiens Centennial Throwback Jersey 2009

The Montreal Canadiens are the oldest franchise in the NHL at the moment and are one of two teams to be around for over 100 years (Toronto). With this stat, they celebrated their 100th Anniversary during the 2008-09 and 2009-10 season. They decided to implement some honorable throwbacks during this celebration to honor some of the teams from Montreal from the very beginning. This included what I like to label as the “prison stripes jersey” or the “barbershop jersey”.

This jersey looks like it was designed to be an American barbershop quartet uniform. The all-blue background around the nameplate and numbers doesn’t help. The Maple Leafs looking logo on the front just made me question who was actually playing on the ice that night. Horrendous design.

1. Vancouver Canucks “Flying V” Jerseys 1978-1985

This is one of the rare times in the modern NHL that a team decided not to put a logo or a word on the front of the jersey. Vancouver is one of the teams that has had a rich, long history of color changes to their main uniforms and this was the first change to their uniforms in terms of colors. Starting with the combination of blue, green, and white as their scheme, they switched to yellow, black, and red for the 1978 season. This is when they introduced us to the “Flying V” jersey.

The color scheme just reminds me of Germany rather than Vancouver. They slapped the new logo they introduced on the sleaves as if it was a football jersey. The yellow “C” on the front on a yellow base makes it even worse. When they switched to a different design for the 1985-86 season, it sparked what would be a new era in Vancouver and was a HUGE success in my opinion. This should never be remade as a regular jersey ever.