What Are The Tampa Bay Lightning So Afraid Of?


Yesterday the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players Association agreed to a new 24 team tournament to complete the 2019-2020 season that has been suspended since March 12th.  Today, former Sportsnet insider and full-time seltzer brewmaster Nick Kypreos named the 2 NHL clubs that voted against the resumption of play.

Carolina, I fully understand.  As a team that isn’t built to win now, I certainly don’t want to see more hands in the cookie jar than necessary.  After last year’s miracle run to the conference final, the Canes know anything can happen.  My biggest issue is what are the Tampa Bay Lightning so afraid of?  Out of any team in the ENTIRE LEAGUE, they’re the ones who are benefitting the most with the proposed 24 team tournament.  Somehow after being 8 million points behind the Boston Bruins, the Lightning will be rewarded by either playing the John Tavares-less New York Islanders or the even shittier Florida Panthers who have a 10 million dollar goalie who can’t stop a beach ball.  Toronto is who Tampa should have to play, but for some reason under this format, the Bruins and Leafs will surely meet again for the 800th time which is a joke.

I understand that Steven Stamkos has been hockey’s version of Dan Marino over the years, failing to lead his team to anything noteworthy while being beloved for putting up numbers, but even I’m surprised the Lightning aren’t jumping at this opportunity.  The ownership must have learned a lot last season when the heartless Bolts were swept by a pretty average Columbus Blue Jackets team. What are they afraid of ?

Something tells me I know.