2021 World Junior Championships NHL Affiliated Player Tracker

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s Christmas time and the holiday season has arrived, but for all hockey fans, It is also one of the best times of the year for another reason. The World Junior Hockey Championships are just around the corner.

This year will be like no other for many reasons. Never in my life would I have ever imagined a Team Canada World Jr game over the holidays taking place in Canada without 17,000+ screaming fans going wild at every game, let alone them having to play in an empty arena. This is just one of the ways Covid-19 has already factored into what this year’s event will look like. Some teams have already lost key bodies for the tournament due to the corona-virus and with Germany & Sweden being the latest teams to run into an issue with testing positive inside the bubble, we can only hope for a clean slate the rest of the way and hope that we can safely get through the tournament with no big issues.

This year’s tournament will feature 114 players who are affiliated with NHL teams already and many other top high-end prospects, who will be trying to showcase their talents in hopes of catching the eyes of scouts and having their names called at the 2021 NHL Draft. For the 2nd year in a row, the Los Angeles Kings will have the most affiliated players in the tournament with 9. Of the 31 teams in the current NHL, my beloved St. Louis Blues will be the only team at this year’s event with no prospect or affiliated player competing.


Below is an NHL team by team breakdown of prospects playing in this year’s tournament:


Anaheim Ducks:

Jamie Drysdale (D-Canada), Albin Sundsvik (F-Sweden), Henry Thrun (D-USA), Jackson LaCombe (D-USA), Sam Colangelo (F-USA), Trevor Zegras (F-USA)


Arizona Coyotes:

Aatu Raty (F-Finland), Victor Soderstrom (D-Sweden), John Farinacci (F-USA)


Boston Bruins:

Matias Mantykivi (F-Finland), Roma Bychkov (D-Russia)


Buffalo Sabres:

Dylan Cozens (F-Canada), Jack Quinn (F-Canada), John-Jason Peterka (F-Germany),

Ryan Johnson (D-USA)


Carolina Hurricanes:

Ryan Suzuki (F-Canada), Vasilly Ponomarev (F-Russia), Noel Gunler (F-Sweden),

Zion Nybeck (F-Sweden)


Columbus Blue Jackets:

Mikael Pyyhtia (F-Finland), Yegor Chinakhov (F-Russia), Samuel Knazko (D-Slovakia)


Calgary Flames:

Connor Zary (F-Canada), Jakob Pelletier (F-Canada), Yan Kuznetsov (D-Russia),

Dustin Wolf (G-USA)


Chicago Blackhawks:

Kirby Dach (F-Canada), Michael Krutil (D-Czech), Michael Teply (F-Czech),

Landon Slaggert (F-USA)


Colorado Avalanche:

Alex Newhook (F-Canada), Bowen Byram (D-Canada), Justin Barron (D-Canada),

Drew Helleson (D-USA)


Dallas Stars:

Thomas Harley (D-Canada)


Detroit Red Wings:

Jan Bednar (G-Czech), Eemil Viro (D-Finland), Albert Johansson (D-Sweden),

Elmer Soderblom (F-Sweden), Gustav Berglund (D-Sweden), Lucas Raymond (F-Sweden),

Theodor Niederbach (F-Sweden)


Edmonton Oilers:

Dylan Holloway (F-Canada), Phillip Broberg (D-Sweden)


Florida Panthers:

Devon Levi (G-USA), Anton Lundell (F-Finland), Kasper Puutio (D-Finland),

Emil Heineman (F-Sweden), Spencer Knight (G-USA)


Los Angeles Kings:

Jordan Spence (D-Canada), Quinton Byfield (F-Canada), Lukas Parik (G-Czech),

Kasper Simontaival (F-Finland), Martin Chromiak (F-Slovakia), Tobias Bjornfot (D-Sweden),

Alex Turcotte (F-USA), Arthur Kaliyev (F-USA), Brock Faber (D-USA)


Minnesota Wild:

Marco Rossi (F-Austria), Pavel Novak (F-Czech), Marat Khunsnutdinov (F-Russia),

Vladislav Firstov (F-Russia), Matthew Boldy (F-USA)


Montreal Canadiens:

Kaiden Guhle (D-Canada), Jan Mysak (F-Czech), Cole Caufield (F-USA)


New Jersey Devils:

Dawson Mercer (F-Canada), Jaromir Pytlik (F-Czech), Arseny Gritsyuk (F-Russia),

Shakir Mukhamadullin (D-Russia), Alexander Holtz (F-Sweden), Patrick Moynihan (F-USA)


Nashville Predators:

Philip Tomasino (F-Canada), Egor Afanasyev (F-Russia), Iaroslav Askarov (G-Russia),

Semyon Chystyakov (D-Russia)


New York Islanders:

Matias Rajaniemi (D-Finland), Simon Holstrom (F-Sweden)


New York Rangers:

Braden Schnieder (D-Canada), Dylan Garand (G-Canada), Brett Berard (F-USA),

Hunter Skinner (D-USA)


Ottawa Senators:

Roby Jarventie (F-Finland), Tim Stuetzle (F-Germany), Jake Sanderson (D-USA),

Tyler Kleven (D-USA)


Philadelphia Flyers:

Emil Andrae (D-Sweden), Bobby Brink (F-USA), Cameron York (D-USA)


Pittsburgh Penguins:

Joel Blomqvist (G-Finland), Calle Clang (G-Sweden)


San Jose Sharks:

Adam Raska (F-Czech), Santeri Hatakka (D-Finland), Artemi Kniazev (D-Russia),

Yegor Spiridonov (F-Russia)


St. Louis Blues:

* No Prospects participating in this years tournament


Tampa Bay Lightning:

Maxim Groshev (F-Russia), Hugo Alnefelt (G-Sweden)


Toronto Maple Leafs:

Mikko Kokkonen (D-Finland), Roni Hirvonen (F-Finland), Topi Niemela (D-Finland),

Artur Akhtyamov G-Russia), Mikhail Abramov (F-Russia), Rodion Amirov (F-Russia)


Vancouver Canucks:

Vasily Podkolzin (F-Russia), Arvid Costmar (F-Sweden)


Vegas Golden Knights:

Kaeden Korczak (D-Canada), Brendan Brisson (F-USA)


Washington Capitals:

Connor McMichael (F-Canada), Martin Has (D-Czech)


Winnipeg Jets:

Cole Perfetti (F-Canada), Peyton Krebs (F-Canada), Henri Nikkanen (F-Finland),

Ville Heinola (D-Finland)


Prospects Breakdown by Country:

Austria: 1

Canada: 24

Czech Republic: 9

Finland: 17

Germany: 2

Russia: 18

Slovakia: 2

Sweden: 18

Switzerland: 0

USA: 23

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