25 Years Ago, Happy Gilmore Was Born

Bob Barker vs Happy Gilmore



Today is a historic day for movie lovers. Happy Gilmore is one of the best sports comedies of all time. A hockey player that turns into a golf phenomenon is a genius plotline. We get some of life’s greatest quotes from this movie.

Some of these lines include “The price is wrong, bitch” , “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast” and “You’re gonna die clown”. This movie is such a classic and will never get old. This movie celebrates its 25th anniversary since it launched back in 1996. So what better way to cap off this milestone than Happy himself doing his patented golf swing that launched piss missiles into the daylight.



Looks like he still has it all these years later. Vintage Adam Sandler has some of the best comedies of all time. Happy Gilmore will always be one of them. How about the moment when he got his ass kicked by Bob Barker?



This scene will never get old for me. Happy overcame the impossible and beat Shooter McGavin for the gold jacket. What a moment. There are only 364 days until next year’s 26th anniversary. I got to go freshen up on my Happy Gilmore knowledge. See what I did there?


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