3 Expansion Draft Mistakes the Seattle Kraken Made

Seattle Kraken

Ron Francis, Seattle Kraken GM



The time is officially now. We have waited a long time to see the Seattle Kraken get their team. After a long-awaited season, the team finally had their expansion draft to develop their team. There were a lot of interesting choices made by the Kraken with their selections. There were also a lot of great choices made by general manager Ron Francis. This includes selecting Jordan Eberle from the New York Islanders and Mark Giordano from the Calgary Flames.

The main focus from the Seattle Kraken was the defensive side. Their defense looks absolutely stacked for the future. This is because of some of their picks that include Cale and Haydn Fleury as well as Vince Dunn. While these picks seem to be a fantastic part of their future, they missed the mark with a few of their picks. Here are the three biggest mistakes the Kraken made with their expansion draft picks.


Not Selecting Valdimir Tarasenko

Do not take this wrong way about Vince Dunn. Dunn is a fantastic player, but in the end, this seemed like an easy choice. Vladimir Tarasenko was out for the taking and the Seattle Kraken chose not to take him. The biggest thing they could have done with Tarasenko is flip him somewhere else for a large return.

There were many teams that called Seattle about Tarasenko if the Kraken would have selected him. This included a team like the Philadelphia Flyers. Even if the Seattle Kraken chose to keep him, that is an elite goal scorer to put on their forward group. As of right now, the only lethal goal scorer on the team is Jordan Eberle. This seems like it might be a mistake from Seattle as the season comes closer.



Passing on Max Domi

There might not be a player more in the rough than Blue Jackets’ forward Max Domi. Domi emerged as a potential star when he broke out with the Coyotes a few years back. After being traded to the Montreal Canadiens for Alex Galchenyuk, he was once again flipped to Columbus for Josh Anderson. It was a less than stellar season for Domi in Columbus this season and it seemed his time was done. The Seattle Kraken elected to not take the young centerman from Columbus.

The center position for the Seattle Kraken is very weak at the moment. Their best center at the moment is Yanni Gourde from the Tampa Bay Lightning. The only problem with that is the Gourde will miss four months due to shoulder surgery. Max Domi seems like he would have been a perfect fit in Seattle. He may have lost some of his offensive touches, but he is still a solid player. Maybe it has to do with the health of Domi as he is coming off of shoulder surgery. Nonetheless,  he should have been an easy pick for the Kraken.



No Pre-Draft Trades

One of the main advantages of being an expansion team is having complete leverage over the other NHL teams. Teams need to persuade you to no take one of their best players. They do this by making side deals so you can take another player. I do not think the Kraken got the memo here. After most of the picks were leaked yesterday, it seemed like there would be a lot of side deals with some of the selections. As it turns out, the Seattle Kraken made zero trades before the expansion draft.

There were a lot of teams that were willing to make side deals to protect certain players. We saw the Vegas Golden Knights make ten side deals at their expansion draft just four years ago. The Seattle Kraken made the decision to not make any side deals at all leading up to the draft. This means all of their picks were on their own without any influence. if you have the high ground over a team, utilize it and get some assets out of it. The Kraken failed to do that.



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