3 Teams That Should Pursue Marc-Andre Fleury

Marc-Andre Fleury

All signs are pointing towards Vegas sticking with Robin Lehner as their future number one goalie in the crease. Reports are circling that Lehner has verbally agreed to a 5 year, $25 million extension that he supposedly will sign after these playoffs end. Lehner has since denied these rumors, but it sounds more true than not.

What does this mean for veteran Marc-Andre Fleury? The three-time Stanley Cup Champion will be 35 to start the 2020-21 season and carries a $7 million cap hit for the next two seasons. With Fleury’s agent indicating his client has felt like he’s been “stabbed in the back” by head coach Pete DeBoer, it seems like all love has been lost between the two clubs. With this

All this being said, there is no way Vegas can carry two goalies with a combined cap hit of $12 million. With their minds seemed to be set on Lehner, Fleury seems like he will be on the move. His contract is a little high and his NMC will have to be waived. Who should pursue the Flower to be their next starting goalie?

Edmonton Oilers

Ah, the Oilers. Edmonton hasn’t had a stable starter for too long and it’s time to make a move for one. Edmonton has to build a stable back end to help Connor McDavid take this team to the next level. With talks saying Holtby could be an option, Fleury should be right there with him.

Does Edmonton play it safe and pursue the 30-year-old Holtby or do they take a risk and possibly ask Vegas to retain some of Fleury’s salary to get him for cheap? Lots of questions in Oil Country that need to be answered and the goalie situation is one of them. Why not the Flower?

Arizona Coyotes

Darcy Kuemper carried his team to the playoffs this year. Even after his miraculous run this year, rumors are circulating that he is on the trade block. What does this mean for Arizona? Maybe it’s a wake-up call to the team or maybe it’s a wake-up call to Kuemper. Either way, Arizona seems like they may want a change in scenery between the pipes.

Fleury would be reunited with a former teammate in Pittsburgh Phil Kessel. This could be a major chemistry booster for Arizona to maybe have Kessel be more productive on the offensive side. Is it a stretch? Yes. Is it possible? Anything is. It could be something to look for if Arizona wants to possibly take the next step to be a dangerous hockey club.

Calgary Flames

Fresh off announcing Geoff Ward will return as head coach, Calgary seems like they should be looking for some changes. After a disappointing exit from the playoffs, the Flames should be hungry to fill the holes they have. One of them seems to be the goalie position. Cam Talbot and David Rittich formed a steady duo this year, but when the playoffs came, they both were not ready for the big games.

Calgary loves to bring in veteran talent. With a pretty good d-core and an offense that can certainly score some goals, solid goaltending seems to be the main issue. Rittich has to stay because of his age and he still has a lot of upside to him. As for Talbot? No way.

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