3 Teams That Should Sign Alec Martinez

Alec Martinez

Alec Martinez



This offseason is set to be absolutely ridiculous. The addition of the Seattle Kraken will make teams make some tough decisions on who they will keep. This means there will be a lot of insane trades and even some big-time free agents on the market. There will be a lot of teams in the market for a left-shot defenseman. One of those big-name free agents that fits the criteria is Alec Martinez.

Alec Martinez has a great track record in his time in the NHL. He is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion and can work the power-play and penalty kill. Most importantly, he scored the Stanley Cup-winning goal in overtime against the Rangers in 2014. Most recently, he has spent the last two seasons with the Vegas Golden Knights. He is a vital part of that team, but with Vegas in the hunt for some center depth, the money isn’t there to keep Martinez. There should be a lot of teams calling his agency for his service. Here are three teams that should be picking up the phone to call Alec Martinez this offseason.



Boston Bruins

It seems like the Bruins are poised to make a lot of noise this offseason. Some of their core guys on the verge of the end of their careers, but they need to make one last push. The one thing that was exposed in the playoffs this year was their lack of depth on defense. The young prospects did a decent job, but they clearly were not ready for the toughness of the playoffs. Another thing that was known is that they have four of their six starting defensemen as righties. That is where Alec Martinez could be a perfect fit.

With the Bruins potentially losing one of their defensemen to the Kraken, they need a backup plan. Martinez can work the power-play, penalty kill, and is great at exiting the zone smoothly. He could even play top minutes with Charlie McAvoy. It will also provide stability up and down the lineup so it is not heavily reliant on the top pairing. This seems like a no-brainer, but the ball is in the hands of the Bruins front office.


Toronto Maple Leafs

Before everyone starts freaking out, here it out. The Maple Leaf fanbase seems to have had enough with this team being too soft and they want major changes. One name that seems to be on the block right now is Morgan Rielly. Rielly hasn’t been the same these last few seasons and fans seem to want to move on from him. He is a left-shot defenseman that should get a lot of traction on his name, but he is a little soft in his own zone. A great replacement would be Alec Martinez.

Martinez is the definition of a fantastic defenseman in his own zone. Even on a broken foot in these playoffs, he led the whole NHL in blocked shots. That is a lot of heart for his team. With two Stanley Cup championships to his name, he will provide a lot of veteran leadership that can go a long way on a young blueline. While the main concern might be with Mitch Marner right now, a Morgan Rielly and Alec Martinez swap should be up there for the Leafs’ priorities.


Detroit Red Wings

While the Red Wings are a laughing stock right now, they have a very bright future with their team. With a loaded prospect pool and some key veterans on their team, they can be a pain to play against. They clearly have an inexperienced defense, besides Marc Staal, that needs some veteran leadership to help improve their game. That is where Alec Martines fits in perfectly on this team.

Martinez is not cup chasing, so that is not a factor in his decision. He can make out like a bandit with the pay he can get from the Red Wings. A bigger connection with the Red Wings for Martinez is his connection to Jeff Blashill. Blashill is the one that recruited Martinez when he went to play hockey for Miami University. It is also known that Martinez is from Michigan, so maybe he might want to go back home for the end of his career.


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