Adrian Yanez: The Future Face of Dr Pepper?



Coming off an impressive knockout win over Gustavo Lopez at UFC Vegas 22, Adrian Yanez’s star has never been brighter.

A young 27-year-old killer fighting out of Metro Fight Club, Yanez proved once again that he has what it takes to end a fight in an instant. Now on a stunning six-fight win streak, Yanez only wants two things. A Dr. Pepper sponsorship, and a UFC title! The Adrian Yanez Dr Pepper sponsorship idea took the MMA community by storm, and onslaughts of fans took to Twitter to try their best at securing this young star a sponsorship.

An MMA love story, Adrian Yanez and Dr. Pepper

Getting his start to his professional MMA career in promotions such as LFA, Bellator, and Fury FC, one thing never changed. An undeniable passion for Mixed Martial Arts, and a powerful adoration for the sweet, sweet liquid we call Dr. Pepper.

Flashing back to UFC Vegas 22, Adrian Yanez and Gustavo Lopez was a matchup that many said could end in an instant, or be the Fight of the Night. While Lopez hung in like a champion, Yanez stayed cool, calm, and collected. Un-fazed by anything Lopez had to offer, Yanez picked his shots and let his devastating power and pinpoint accuracy secure the win.

27 seconds into round three, a counter-right hand would be all it took to shut the lights off and make it back-to-back KO finishes for Yanez in the UFC. Any other fighter could’ve started drinking heavily at that point, but instead of alcohol, Yanez just wanted a Dr. Pepper.

The Adrian Yanez Dr. Pepper Sponsorship, and Why He Deserves It

First off, have we ever seen an athlete work harder for a sponsorship? Adrian Yanez made the effort to retweet hundreds of tweets that made mention of the potential sponsorship after his fight with Lopez! Imagine, putting your life on the line in a cage fight. Then, getting back home and still possessing the energy to retweet his fans. There are dedication and love, and then there’s that.

Yanez is a young star, the type of guy you make the face of your brand. As a rising star and surging UFC contender, only one question remains. Why has Yanez not gotten this sponsorship yet?


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