Al Iaquinta Retires? Says MMA ‘Is Not Worth It’

Al Iaquinta Retirement

Fan-favorite “Raging” Al Iaquinta has shared thoughts of retirement today. The TUF 15 finalist recently fought on the UFC 268 card and suffered a loss via KO/TKO to Bobby Green.

Known for his insane toughness and heart, Iaquinta seems to really be bothered with the way his last fight ended.

“I’m thinking that’s it, man…I mean, obviously, you wanna go out on a win, but this (MMA) sh*t’s not worth it, dude. You saw Michael Chandler and Justin Gaethje fight. Those guys, they beat the hell out of each other. That wasn’t worth it,” Iaquinta said on his podcast Call Me Al.

“To be honest with you,” he continued, “I don’t know. It was the first fight that I really like gave up in. He didn’t knock me unconscious, and I kind of turned and covered up. I was still conscious; I knew what I was doing. But I kind of just wanted out. That was it… I realized that he hit me hard – it probably was not gonna be a good night for me.”

“These guys are training hard,” Iaquinta said, “These guys are training three times a day, two times a day, really hard. My body just can’t hold up to that anymore. That’s the first time in my career ever that I gave up in a fight.”

The Iaquinta Retirement: Please Say It Ain’t So

For MMA fans, this has to come as a bitter shock. On one hand, you can’t fault a guy for recognizing the sport is punishing and leaves the body and brain with damage that will never be erased. However, as a fighter, Iaquinta has always been so fun to watch. His storied matchup against Khabib Nurmagomedov saw him actually put on more of a competitive fight than some of Nurmagomedov’s title defenses.

“Raging” Al Iaquinta has faced some of the best names the sport has to offer as well. He holds wins over the likes of Kevin Lee (x2), Jorge Masvidal, Ross Pearson, Joe Lauzon, and Diego Sanchez. Currently on a three-fight skid, it’s actually four losses in a row if you want to count a Submission Underground defeat to Mike Perry as well.

The Upside

The good news is that Iaquinta has answered a conundrum that baffles most fighters: “What do I do after I’m done fighting?”

With not only a podcast to keep him occupied, Iaquinta actually owns and operates a real estate company as well. So, rest assured that no matter his choice, an Al Iaquinta retirement won’t keep our man down!

How do you feel about this Iaquinta retirement news? Would you like to see him re-think things, or do you think between notoriously bad fighter-pay and the risk of CTE he should call it quits? Leave your opinion down in the comments below!

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