Looking Back on Alabama’s Historic Championship Victory

Mac Jones completes a pass in the NCAA Championship game vs. Ohio State Universtiy.

When most of us common folk wake up in the morning, we put our pants on one leg at a time. When seven-time National Champion Nick Saban puts his pants on, he also puts them on one leg at a time. Then he proceeds to piss excellence.

During their historic National Championship victory, The Crimson Tide set ELEVEN new NCAA records. The team finished with an average of 48.5 points per game, setting the SEC record. Head Coach Nick Saban became the winningest coach in NCAA history, capturing his 7th National Championship.

Star WR DeVonta Smith set five new records of his own. He tallied 3,965 career receiving yards (most all-time), and 1,856 receiving yards this season (single-season record). The Heisman winner also notched 23 touchdowns this season (most all-time), 12 receptions in a National Championship game (most all-time), and 3 receiving touchdowns in a National Championship (tied for most all-time).

Not to be outdone, Quarterback Mac Jones set three NCAA records of his own. These include posting an astonishing 77.4% completion percentage (highest in FBS history), 464 passing yards in a National Championship game (most all-time), and tossed 5 touchdowns in the title game (tied for most all-time).

RB Najee Harris set the final two records on the list. These include scoring 57 career touchdowns (tied for most all-time) and posting 30 of those touchdowns this season (most all-time).

No matter how you slice it, Nick Saban and this Alabama team will go down as one of the best Championship-winning squads in CFB history. Between the records set and the sheer dominance this season, this team dominated from start to finish. Somewhere Paul Bear Bryant is smiling. Roll Tide.

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