Alabama Wins The Alabama Invitational Yet Again



When you bring him out introduce him as Joker. Mac Jones picked apart the Buckeyes defense. Nick Saban has his seventh national championship that passes the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant. LSU tried, Trask cried, Tennessee died, Auburn’s trees still died, yet roll tide. DeVonta Smith played till the game was over in the third quarter. Bama took the win 52-24 in dominant fashion. Jaylen Waddle had a yard less than half of Chris Olave receiving yards with one leg, and DeVonta Smith tripled his. Clown.

Alabama wins number 18. Michigan a program that brags about excellence; they only won 11, and Bama has won six national championships since 1997 when Michigan won last. If you think I’m cocky, Alabama puts their number of national championships on all their apparel, and yet again, my shirts are outdated that I bought three years ago. This is a serious problem amongst Bama fans because every other program sucks. Ask the blue checkmarks how Notre Dame stood up to Bama? The media cannot beat Bama, Saban’s assistants can not beat Bama, and even God can not beat Bama.

Nick Saban recruits better than anyone else. If you think he’s “cheating” look at the alumni contracts in the NFL. Alabama is a factory that doesn’t pay its players; they get them paid. If you beat someone, they are gonna be a hater. Since Alabama beats everyone, they all are haters. Is Saban better than Paul “Bear” Bryant now? I have no idea; if those guys were to play each other, they both would win. Alabama ain’t never been nothing but a winner; every other program storms the field when they are number one, but we are always number one. We don’t storm the field cause if you storm the field, you expected to lose and “I ain’t never been nothing but a winner.” – Paul “Bear” Bryant

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