Alex Smith Wins Comeback Player of the Year

Alex Smith



If you haven’t heard the Alex Smith story, you have been living under a rock. While playing a game against the Houston Texans, Alex Smith suffered a gruesome broken leg. This injury results in Smith requiring multiple surgeries to treat infections and extra damage to his leg. He had to face a severe reality that he might lose his leg. Smith is told he may never play football again.

After over a year of intense therapy and recovery, Smith is cleared for all football activities. When Kyle Allen goes down with an ankle injury, Smith comes in and takes his first snap. There is not one dry eye in the stadium that day.



The documentary on the whole situation is breathtaking. I get choked up just thinking about what he has gone through just to be here today. When everything is all said and done, Alex Smith is a true inspiration to those who want to give up. If Alex Smith can overcome what he has to play football again, anything is possible.

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