All Colors Of Every Reverse Retro Jersey Have Been Released

Adidas made a huge announcement today by officially releasing a tweet announcing that the reverse retro jerseys are coming soon. The tweet included a short video displaying each team with the main color of the jersey and the color scheme of the numbers on the back. Some have already been leaked and this video confirms all those that have been leaked already.

There are certainly some eye poppers here. For instance, New Jersey will go with a green jersey, Arizona goes with a purple base, and St. Louis will go with a red jersey with yellow letters. The one that stands out to me is Carolina as it seems they are going with another Whalers style jersey. Colorado seems like they will head in the direction of a Nordiques and Avs crossover. Amazing. Here is a summary of what each team will go with based on color.

Black – Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary Flames

Purple – Los Angeles Kings, Arizona Coyotes

White – Minnesota Wild, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, Anaheim Ducks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings, Dallas Stars, Buffalo Sabres

Red – Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Capitals, Columbus Blue Jackets

Blue – Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning

Green – New Jersey Devils, Vancouver Cancucks

Yellow – Boston Bruins, Nashville Predators

Grey – Carolina Hurricanes, San Jose Sharks, Winnipeg Jets

Orange – Philadelphia Flyers

The number on the back of each jersey indicates what year they took the design of the jersey from. For example, the Bruins jersey says 90, which means their design is based on one of their jerseys from 1990. The Kings and Ducks seem to be going to their early stages for their jersey as their colors are completely different from their current getup. The speculation continues to grow as to what each jersey will officially look like. Same with the Wild as they seem to be going with a potential North Stars crossover. What do you all think of the jersey colors? Let us know.

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