Andre Johnson Has A Message For Deshaun Watson

Andre Johnson

We have all heard the rumors circulating Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans. The superstar quarterback seems to be unhappy with the current situation in Houston. Rumors have been going around that Watson wants out and is very open to being traded to a different team. Texans’ legend Andre Johnson has a very specific message for Deshaun Watson: stand your ground.



Johnson was one of the best things to happen to the Texans franchise. He turned them into a winner instantly. For him to say something as cruel as “The Texans organization is known for wasting players careers” should make any Houston fan furious and any other fan shocked.

Deshaun ultimately should have the final say for his future in the league. If he was smart, he would get out of Houston immediately. When you have legends like Andre Johnson and JJ Watt telling you to “stand your ground” and “we wasted a season for you”, those are red flags for your current situation. Watson needs to take a moment and remind himself of what he really wants. Does he want to try and make a poor organization great again or does he want to win now? It is up to him.


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