Artemi Panarin Takes Leave of Absence From Rangers

Artemi Panarin



This is some major news out of New York today. Superstar forward Artemi Panarin is taking a leave of absence from the team. The reason behind this is because a new story comes out of a disturbing event possibly involving the Bread Man. He is being accused of beating up an 18-year-old girl in Latvia in 2011, but the Rangers and Panarin deny all allegations. The team goes on to say it is an intimidation tactic.



This story is very disturbing. Not only is the allegation a very serious one, but the theory behind it is also bizarre. Politics are a serious topic when it comes to sports. It takes it to a whole new level when the belief goes to these allegations coming out from someone’s beliefs. Is it true? We do not know right now, but it will be interesting to see it unfold in the next few weeks.

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