Bears Demolish Jaguars 41-17, Jaguars Secure First-Overall Pick

So much happened as a result of this game. After the game seemed rather close at halftime when it was 13-10 Bears, that changed real quick after the Jaguars probably realized what was on the line. The Bears take this one 41-17 down in Jacksonville to keep their playoff dreams alive and secure the dream of the Jaguars getting the first overall pick in this year’s draft.

Jimmy Graham was the star today for Chicago. He had four catches for 69 yards and two touchdowns. Allen Robinson had a solid game as well with ten catches for 103 yards. Trubisky has been sneaky good recently and has this Bears team believing in a playoff berth. Their only challenge is the Cardinals ahead of them. Next week shall be very interesting for Chicago fans.

As for Jacksonville, they secure the first overall selection in this year’s draft after losing their game and having the Jets upset the Browns with a win. They have Lawrence fever down in upstate Florida and the hype will continue all the way to draft night.

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