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Another Bellator MMA fight card is wrapped up, and Scott Coker and his team digest another eventful night of action from Uncasville, Connecticut. The ten-bout fight card provided fans at home with everything a fight-night should. From dominant performances, lighting-fast knockouts, slick submissions, back and forth battles, and a new interim champion being crowned.

We witnessed ‘The Viking’ Soren Bak climb to (15-1) with another classy performance. We watched a new contender in Corey Samuels waste no time in the Bellator sphere, finishing Isaiah Hokit within ten seconds of the very first round. Some notable mentions to Jaylon Bates, Taylor Johnson, and Sidney Outlaw for pulling off slick submissions and earning a seat in the win column. We can’t disregard the outstanding performance UFC veteran Liz Carmouche put on display, making short work of Kana Watanabe, snapping the Japanese native’s eight-fight win streak. We also watched on as the Bellator MMA Interim Heavyweight Champion was up for grabs as Valentin Moldavsky cruised his way to victory over Tim Johnson.

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the exceptional athletes in action at Bellator 261 in Sidney Outlaw. Sidney Outlaw steam-rolled his way to a victory over a formidable and experienced opponent in Myles Jury. Myles Jury, who has shared the octagon with some of MMA’s most respected names such as Diego Sanchez, Donald Cerrone, Benson Henderson, Charles Olivera and Chad Mendes, had no answer for the pressure that Sidney Outlaw possessed. Sidney Outlaw completely dominated the grappling exchanges throughout the three rounds, looking for submissions, fighting the hands, and eventually sinking in the rear-naked-choke with sixteen seconds remaining on the clock.

Post-Fight Interview With Sidney Outlaw

 A few days out from your hard-fought win over Myles Jury, how are you feeling? What’re the emotions like after putting yourself through a gruelling camp, doing media obligations to then fighting, and it being over?

Sidney Outlaw – “It was a perfect camp. I believe in Christ, so I do a ton of praying. Trying to stay focused is hard nowadays, so I try to surround myself with people who are always focused and build off that. I tried to live below my means and try to need less. With that being said, I tried to avoid as much attention as possible. In that way, I won’t care about other opinions or need other approval because I am focused, and I don’t need it. So I stay focused on my goal and my purpose. I try to apply that to every aspect of my life and everything that I do. That is hard enough. When my mind is on, it makes the fight seem easy. I feel fighting is easier to do than trying to stay out of touch with society.”

With it being a few days after the fight, have you had any time to watch it back and reflect on your performance? If so, tell us your overall thoughts on what went down at Bellator 261?

Sidney Outlaw – “Some improvements need to be made on my end. I could have finished the fight way earlier. However, I didn’t. With that said, I am only getting better. I’m reacting, and I’m doing great. My mistakes as well, if that makes sense to you. I make the incorrect decision look good. With that said, I’m just going to continue to get better.”

 In the second round, while you were dominating in the ground, looking for submissions. What did you make of the crowd booing? Can I get your thoughts on that?

Sidney Outlaw – “I’m an outlaw. Most people don’t like Outlaw. I’m too much of a gangster to care about opinions. The only opinion that matters to me is my teams and my fans/family. I promise them that I would be the best on the planet. Win, loser draw I will fulfill not only my purpose but also my promise that I made to them. If I said something, I have either done it or is about to happen”.

Going into the bout was the game-plan always to look for the takedown straight of the bat, control on the ground and use your heavily grappling pressure to get the finish?

Sidney Outlaw –  “No, it was to use my striking. When I go in for a takedown, It gives me a chance to feel and feel his reaction. I accidentally went into deep for the takedown, and it was just there for me. So I just took it and went with it.”

Myles Jury didn’t offer you anything. There wasn’t one minute in the fight where you were in trouble. Did you expect more of a battle from Jury, or was that the fight you visualized?

Sidney Outlaw – “I wouldn’t lie to you. The truth is, I wanted to strike more. But, I chose not to at the last second and just went off of that. My coach Artem told me to remember your background, and I did.”

 What do you take away from a win over a man like Myles Jury, a man who’s been in there with big names, Michael Johnson, Cowboy Cerrone, Diego Sanchez, Andre Fili, Chad Mendez, and much more? That must feel good?

Sidney Outlaw – “Myles is a great fighter. I have a goal and a purpose, and I don’t get pleasure beating a particular individual. I get pleasure and reaching and getting closer to my purpose and goal.”

You’ve looked impressive since your loss to former champion Michael Chandler. Now on a two-fight win streak, what did you learn from the loss to Chandler as you seem back to your best?

Sidney Outlaw – “One of my favourite quotes is “Heavy lies ahead that were the crown”. I believe it means if you’re the king, your lessons will be harder than most. It will be harder to bear, and that’s it. It would just be hard. But, it won’t be impossible. It’s our job as kings to learn from our mistakes in capitalizing. It’s the best way for my type of breed to learn. We get stronger after defeat. A great man once said, “don’t fear the man that hasn’t fallen. Fear the man that had fallen and gotten back up”. 

With two wins on the bounce, what’s next for Sidney Outlaw? Do you have any names in mind you’d like to face next, and can we expect to see you this year again?

Sidney Outlaw – ” Yes, my brother. I’m excited. God is good. All glory to him.”


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