Big Dick Demko Forces Game 7 Against Vegas

Thatcher Demko

The Ballad of Big Dick Demko has arrived. An absolute legendary story is happening before our very eyes. Thatcher Demko has single handily destroyed Vegas’s chances of advancing and now we have a game seven. Vegas had a 3-1 series lead and now that lead gone. Demko has allowed one goal in his two starts and this includes a shutout in this game 4-0. Jake Virtanen, J.T Miller, Quinn Hughes, and Bo Horvat (EN) scored for Vancouver.

Vegas needs to find a way to suck the life out of Big Dick Demko. He has been on an absolute tear since starting in game five and now has a Vancouver in a position to finish it off. Game seven is tonight, September 4th, at 9 p.m EST. Will Vancouver rise to the occasion or will Vegas comeback and be bigger and stronger? We will see.

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