Bills Embarrass Dolphins 56-26, Dolphins In Danger Of Missing Playoffs

Josh Allen



Tua had his chance today to prove if the Dolphins were really a playoff-caliber team. They marched into Buffalo with one goal in mind: win and you are in. One win would secure a playoff spot for the Miami Tuas. After an early 3-0 lead for Miami, Buffalo never looked back. They exploded to put up 56 points on Miami to embarrass the Dolphins 56-26 and secure the number two overall seed in the AFC.



Josh Allen is my favorite to win MVP this year. It probably won’t happen, but he has been the most important player to anyone’s team in the league right next to Rodgers.

This loss is CRITICAL for Miami. They started the day in the fifth seed and now are in danger of missing the playoffs entirely. Baltimore and Cleveland both won, so now they shift all their attention to the Indianapolis and Jacksonville game. They are going to need some instate love as they need a Jacksonville victory to eliminate the Colts and secure a spot for the Dolphins. With that looking like a slim possibility, the Dolphins are in major trouble. Sorry Dolphin fans.

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