BKFC 16: Leonard Garcia Vs Joe Elmore




Bare Knuckle Fight Club is back! Tonight at 8 PM EST the main card begins and it’s time to knuckle up. The card is headlined by Leonard Garcia versus Joe Elmore. If you missed the last BKFC event Knucklemania then here are some things you need to know about BKFC and BKFC 16 in particular.

In bare-knuckle fighting, there is no such thing as a boring fight. Every shot can be the shot that either draw blood or ends the fight. The myth around bare-knuckle is that the fighters swing wildly and there is no technique involved. However, this could not be further from the truth and the Tarps Off MMA boys got to sit down with John Lee Chalbeck after Knucklemania and talk about that in an extremely genuine interview.

BKFC 16 will not be for the squeamish just like Knucklemania the blood and fists will be flying. Although a lot of MMA fighters come over to do bare-knuckle there is no ground element to this sport. This means for fight fans you will see toe to toe striking battles. BKFC is extremely fan-friendly for fans that love violence and technical fighting that can end at any moment. This is a sport on the rise.

BKFC 16 Preview

The main event Leonard Garcia versus Joe Elmore is the kind of matchup that makes your mouth water. Both these fighters have made careers out of moving forward and being apart of exciting fights. Leonard Garcia has competed in the WEC, UFC, and Legacy FC where he was the featherweight champion. On the other hand, his opponent Joe Elmore was a much more average MMA fighter but is 2-0 inside the BKFC squared circle. If this was a complete MMA fight my prediction would be Leonard Garcia by submission. However, this is BKFC and that is not allowed so I think Joe Elmore will get a KO or TKO to stop this fight and come away victorious.

As far as mixed martial artists go Leonard Garcia is superior to Joe Elmore. Garcia is 1-1 in BKFC and will have a puncher’s chance in tonight’s bout. The 41-year-old Garcia is known for his brawling and the 38-year-old Elmore is unlikely to back down. I can not see this one going to the judges and this fight is must-see television. Grab your drink before this one starts or you could miss a giant knockout to cap off BKFC 16.

DeMarcus Corley Vs. Reggie Barnett Jr.

The co-main event of BKFC 16 should be a much more technical affair. DeMarcus Corley is also known as Chop Chop. He is making his BKFC debut after a long successful professional boxing career. Corley has a professional boxing record of 51-33-1 with 28 victories coming by way of knockout. In contrast, Reggie Barnett Jr. is a very experienced bare-knuckle boxer with a record of 5-1 in BKFC.  If Barnett is victorious he jumps to the front of the line for a shot at the title.

This fight is a tough one to predict because boxers have shown that it can be a smooth transition from boxing to bare-knuckle. Although Corley being 46 years of age may have a more difficult time with the transition. Barnett knows the ins and outs of bare-knuckle and his only loss is to Johnny Bedford a former champion. Corley was knocked out in his last contest but historically has a great chin. Additionally, Barnett is not known for his ability to knock people out. My prediction is that Barnett wins this bout by decision at BKFC 16.

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