Brad Marchand Should Be a Hart Trophy Finalist

Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand



If you are a hockey fan, you definitely know who Brad Marchand is. He is by far one of the most colorful characters in the entire NHL. His questionable behavior and insane skill set make him one of a kind. Marchand is known for getting into situations that are less than ideal, but he is still an amazing hockey player. He is also a certified savage when it comes to social media clap-backs against random fans. He doesn’t give a shit on and off the ice. Whether you like him or not, you will be talking about this guy for the rest of your life.

Marchand is having an incredible season for the Bruins. The Bruins have been known as being a one-line team with their first line producing all their offense. The first line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and David Pastrnak has carried this team for years now. With the Bruins in search of some secondary scoring, they have shifted Craig Smith to the first line with Marchand and Bergeron. The lines may be changing, but Brad Marchand is still producing at a ridiculous rate.



Season Stats

Brad Marchand not only does it all himself, but he makes the people around him better. Is there any forward tandem in the NHL better shorthanded the Bergeron and Marchand? Brad Marchand leads all active NHL players in career shorthanded goals. In the Bruins’ last game against Washington, he scored his 30th career shorthanded goal. That is ridiculous. The fashion he did it in is even more iconic.

In terms of stats this season, Brad Marchand is among the top point producers in the league. He has managed to put up 19 goals and 28 assists for 47 points on the season. That amount of points has him tied for seventh in the entire league. In his last five games, Marchand has put up six goals and five assists and is a +8 in that span. He is on an absolute tear against some of the best teams in the division in that span.


Should Be a Hart Trophy Finalist

There are very few players in the league that can carry a team to glory. Players like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews are some of the premier faces of the younger generation of talent. They are the definition of a player that can make their team better with their skill-set. Brad Marchand easily falls under that category for the Bruins.

Even when the Bruins are struggling for offense or a spark, Brad Marchand gives 110% every game. Whether you need the fight to spark the team or a crucial goal to tie the game. Marchand will deliver. It is safe to say that Marchand has been the most important piece for this team. Critics had the Bruins not even in the playoffs at the start of the season. Marchand has changed that narrative as the Bruins are making a serious push for the playoffs. If they acquire a big piece at the deadline, you can thank Marchand for making the Bruins buyers and not sellers.


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