Breaking News: Congress Certifies 2020 Election Results, Joe Biden Will Be President January 20th



Joe Biden will now officially become the next President Of The United States Of America after Congress voted to certify the electoral college results for the 2020 election. President Donald Trump has done everything in his power to overturn the results of the election. After countless lawsuit defeats and having his supporters storm Capitol Hill, the President’s attempt to “stop the steal” has failed.

Donald J Trump will be leaving the oval office on January 20th, and a new Biden/Harris administration will be sworn in to guide America through the next 4 years. The objection to the Electoral College votes failed in the House, A total of 138 House members voted to sustain the objection, and 282 members opposed the motion. After today’s events on Capitol Hill, most Americans will be glad to wake up tomorrow to some clarity. The 2020 election is finally over.

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