Bruins Keep Taylor Hall in Boston

Hall in Boston

Don Sweeney has done it again ladies and gentlemen. Taylor Hall is staying in Boston after agreeing to a four-year contract worth $24 million ($6 million AAV). This is a perfect deal if you are a Bruins fan. The last 48 hours in the hockey world have been wild with the Seattle expansion draft the other night, paired with the handful of trades that have happened since the trade freeze was lifted. But let’s not overlook this signing that is keeping Taylor Hall in Boston.


Taylor Hall is 29 years old and has been in the league for 11 years. He has seen the playoffs in three of those seasons with two of them coming in the past two seasons. After his stint with the Bruins, this postseason Hall knew this was the place he wanted to be. He knew he wanted to be in Boston after a handful of games. But after the playoffs, he knew that Boston is a place that consistently gives him the opportunity to compete for the Stanely Cup.

When you look at the Hall deal and compare it to other deals around the league it makes this deal look beautiful. Zach Hyman is currently rumored to be getting around $5 million AAV. In the last offseason Mats Zuccarello signed a five-year deal with Minnesota with a $6 million AAV. Hall is way better than Zuccarello. This deal is all around perfect for the Bruins because Hall is a player that needs the Bruins and the Bruins are a team that needs Taylor Hall. It’s a match made in heaven if I’ve ever seen one.


Hall only played 16 games during the regular season with the Bruins after his trade from Buffalo. He played 200 minutes of ice time 5v5 and in those minutes the Bruins outscored their opponents 15-1. He scored 8 goals in those 16 games to go along with 6 assists. The uptick in production is no coincidence. Boston is a much better place to play than in Buffalo and I am still curious as to why Hall chose Buffalo last offseason in the first place.

There has got to be something in the Buffalo air that just makes good players play like shit. Hall scored only two goals during his Buffalo experiment which lasted 37 games. He was an immediate great fit in Boston next to Krejci. Hall has the potential to be an elite point producer. Hall has shown flashes in the past. Especially with his 93 point campaign back in the 2017-18 season which lead to Hall winning the Hart Trophy. Could another Hart Trophy caliber campaign be in Hall’s future? I don’t see any evidence that points otherwise.

It is now time for the Bruins to turn their attention to their other free agents. They have $20 million in cap space and still have some key players to re-sign in David Krejci and Tuukka Rask. Things are looking real good if you are a Bruins fan heading into next season.

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