Bruins Sign Brandon Carlo to an Absolute Steal

Brandon Carlo

Brandon Carlo



This is the start of what should be a busy offseason for Boston. The Bruins came up short once again in this year’s playoffs. They lost in the second round to the New York Islanders in six games. They seem to always be missing that once-piece when it comes to their playoff runs. In 2019. they were missing an enforcer to take on the Blues. In 2020, they were missing a second line to take some pressure off the first line. This year, it was very clear that they were missing the presence of Brandon Carlo.

Carlo has had his fair share of injuries since coming into the league in 2016. When he is healthy, he is by far the best shutdown defender on the Bruins. He helps take some of the responsibilities that Charlie McAvoy has on a nightly basis. He is the backbone of the second pairing on the Bruins blueline. Brandon Carlo is an excellent penalty killer and is usually the leader in shorthanded ice time in Boston. The Bruins seem to realize Carlo’s importance as they have signed him to a long-term extension.



Such a Steal For Boston

Brandon Carlo is a superstar in the making when it comes to shutdown defenders. The fact that he isn’t even in his prime yet and is putting up the numbers he does is remarkable. In a few years, the value of this contract is going to be ridiculous for the price. Any young, shutdown defender at just over $4 million is something you rarely see in the game today.

Brandon Carlo isn’t just a fantastic shutdown defender. He can move the puck and he has a rocket of a slapshot. Even though Carlo isn’t the flashiest offensive weapon, he always seems to find a way to be involved on the offense. That is a huge asset when it comes to a young defenseman in the NHL today. This contract is an absolute steal for the Bruins.


Career Stats

Brandon Carlo has put up some impressive numbers over his short career so far. Ever since the departure of Zdeno Chara, Carlo has justified being the number one lockdown defender on the Bruins. Over his career so far, Carlo has posted 15 goals and 40 assists for 55 points in 324 games. While the points to game ratio is a bit low, Carlo is well known for his play in his own zone rather than the offensive zone.

The most astonishing stat for Brandon Carlo is his plus-minus rating over his career. Carlo has managed to be a +58 in his career. That is remarkable considering all the struggles the bruins defense has had over the years.

The one thing that is concerning about Brandon Carlo is his history of injuries. It seems he always gets a nasty injury when the playoffs are around the corner or are in motion. This past year, he suffered two serious head injuries that caused him to miss significant time, including the playoffs. If Carlo is healthy, he is an important part of this team, but when he is in the bleachers, there is another issue to address.


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