Bruins Struggle to Score Again, Devils Win 1-0

Bruins struggle

Kyle Palmieri



What a monstrosity of a game for the image of the NHL. From missed calls to questionable overturned goals, this game has ugly written all over it. Whether you like it or not, the final score is what it is. Whether the Bruins got the benefit of the calls at the end of the game, it shouldn’t distract anyone from their struggles to score this season. This is game number five against the Devils for the Bruins this season. So far, the Bruins struggle to score five-on-five goals in every game.

Yeah, it is not anything new that the bruins struggle to score at all this season. In these five games, the Bruins have yet to score a five-on-five-goal AT ALL. That is up there with the Buffalo Sabres losing seventeen games in a row in terms of garbage. At the end of the game, the Bruins were on the bad end of some very questionable calls that resulted in two potential goals disallowed.



Goaltender Interference Call

I am all for trying to defend the goalie in his crease. When a puck is still loose like that, I don’t see how you can deem that interference. Any player has the right to dig for a loose puck to create a chance. To me, it didn’t seem like Blackwood had a clear possession with the puck, but the referees had a different opinion. The goal is negated and the game remained 1-0 New Jersey.

This is a huge call in the game considering there was just over a minute left in the game. Whether you like the call or not, it was made and the Bruins didn’t get it in their favour. Good on Lindy Ruff for taking a gamble on a potential controversial call. If he had failed, the Bruins would have gotten a goal and a power-play out of it, but he wins this round.


Blackwood’s Goal-Line Save

The Bruins once again found a potential goal of theirs under review in the final ten seconds. This time, they were looking at a potential puck that may have crossed the line on a save from Blackwood. The initial reaction from the crowd made it seem like we would have a tie game. The replay wasn’t that convincing. While some angles made it seem like the puck was in, there wasn’t a definitive one to go off of for a goal. As a Bruins fan, it’s frustrating, but the right judgement was made when it isn’t conclusive.

Devils Own The Bruins This Season

Just like the Red Wings last season, the Devils are a mediocre non-playoff team that owns the Bruins. They now improve to a 4-0-1 record against the Bruins this season. Their only loss came on opening night in a shootout. They have gotten back-to-back wins against Boston with the score being 1-0 each time. It is unclear why the Bruins struggle against this team, but it has to stop when the playoffs start. When the Bruins struggle this badly, it causes concern with how they will do against higher praised opponents.


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