Buchnevich, Rangers Get Huge Win Over Flyers 4-1


Pavel Buchnevich


The Rangers are not giving up on this season quite yet. The Rangers seem to be the only team in the running right now to catch Boston in the standings. The Flyers seem to be toast and the bottom two teams are already mathematically eliminated. That leaves the Rangers. The best-case scenario for the Rangers tonight is not only a win for themselves but a Boston loss as well. After a heartbreaking loss last night, the Rangers look to get revenge over the same Flyers tonight. They look to their young stars to lead the way. This includes red-hot goal scorer Pavel Buchnevich.

Despite most of the struggles for the Rangers this season, Pavel Buchnevich is still scoring at a great pace. In his career, his best season comes in 2018-19 as he scores 21 goals in 64 games. Tonight, Buchnevich manages to score his 20th of the season in just his 48th game of the season. With the Rangers only having eight games left to play, every game counts for this team. The odds may not be in the Rangers’ favor, but this team continues to grind away to give themselves a chance.



Goodnight to the Flyers

That settles it. The Flyers are toast for the season. Even with all the hope fans have on the season, this loss kills that vibe instantly. They still have nine games left with a potential for 18 points in the standings. Although it is still possible, it is not probable for this Flyers team. They need to assess the goaltending situation this summer. After a season where that was their strong suit last year, this season is a completely different story.

In order to make the playoffs, they need a miracle to happen where Boston and New York lose almost every game. Since that will not happen. we can call this season a bust for the Flyers. Along with the goaltending situation, this team needs to address their defense. A major shakeup is in order.


Do the Rangers Have a Chance?

This is the million-dollar question here. Do the New York Rangers have a chance at the playoffs? All things considered, if the Rangers win all eight of their games left, they will finish with 70 points. The Bruins currently sit with 60 points with ten games left. This means the Bruins would have to lose five games in regulation for the Rangers to have a chance. Considering the fact that I don’t see those happening, I think it is too little too late for the Rangers.

It has been a great run from this team, but overall it seems to be the wrong time to get hot. The future is bright in the Big Apple, but this season seems to be a dream for the Rangers to make it. If it happens, then call me out as a hater. I just don’t see it happening. For Buchnevich and company, this season seems to be gone.


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