Buffalo Loses Twelfth Straight Game

Buffalo loses

Miles Wood



Here we go again. It is no shocking news story that the Sabres are a terrible hockey team. They couldn’t beat an AHL team only skating three skaters on the ice. It is still comical to think that Taylor Hall chose Buffalo over a contender. That will always be funny to me. The entire franchise is in a dumper fire situation and it isn’t getting any better. Buffalo loses again tonight to the New Jersey Devils. This loss puts their impressive losing streak to twelve straight games. Not even Ottawa or Detroit is this bad this season.

Can someone get Jack Eichel out of Buffalo, please? This poor kid needs to play on a contending team before the love of the game leaves his mind. It’s alright though, Sabres fans. Jeff Skinner scored a goal tonight for you guys. That puts his total for the season up to a whopping two goals. If you ask me, that is well worth the $9 million per season he is making. It wasn’t enough though as Miles Wood scores in the third period for the win.



To state it once again, this is the twelfth straight loss for the Sabres. Buffalo loses more than the New York Jets do in football. They said they are open for business to trade anyone. Who will get dealt first? Will it be Hall, Staal, or Eichel? We will have to wait and see.


Buffalo loses

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