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Scott Pedersen



A lively Cage Warriors Trilogy event is in the books, and the three-day event brought out the best of the promotion’s upcoming talent. Cage Warriors 125 was the last of the three shows which took place in York Hall, London. The fight card on the night consisted of eight-thrilling bouts. One which featured Wales’s Scott Pedersen, who earned his first win as a professional, with a swift round one rear-naked-choke over Marcus Lewis. The card saw the return of former Cage Warriors bantamweight title contender Scott Malone, who climbed to (9-4), finishing Serdar Atlas in the second round, a highlight reel finish from Gerardo Fanny, and a well-earned victory from Scotland’s Stevie McIntosh. More notably, the main event clash featuring Ian Garry and Jack Grant, which resulted in Garry capturing the vacant middleweight championship.

I had the opportunity to catch up with one of many standout performers of the night in twenty-four-year-old Scott Pedersen. Pedersen made his official debut earlier in the year, unfortunately dropping a unanimous decision loss at the hands of Matthew Elliot. On Saturday, the Welshman ensured there was no room for error in his second pro-fight, displaying his best performance to date, defeating a crafty striker in Marcus Lewis in round one. Besides some earlier exchanges at the beginning of the round, Lewis offered no threat to Pedersen. Instead, Pedersen overwhelmed him with grappling, stayed on him like a rash, and got the much-needed victory on the night.

Post-Fight Interview With Scott Pedersen

Several days out from you securing your first victory as a professional. Talk to me about the emotions one day after. How are you feeling?

Scott Pedersen – “The emotions are the same as most fights. I have a mix of nerves and excitement. I am happy with the finish and being able to perform in front of so many eyes.”

How were the nerves going into this one after losing your professional debut just three months prior? Did you feel a ton of pressure on your shoulders due to the fact two losses at the start of your career could somewhat be a nightmare start?

Scott Pedersen – “To be honest, I try not to focus on any of that stuff. It’s just wasting energy.”

You looked in tremendous shape. Would this be fair to say this is the best Scott Pedersen we have seen and is this down to all the guys at Shore MMA? Also, talk to me about the atmosphere in the gym and gym as a whole. The gym seems to be progressing Welsh MMA at a fast pace.

Scott Pedersen – “Every time you see me in the cage, I’ll be a better version of my self and it 100% has to do with the training down SMMA. The coaches and training partners I get to work with daily are some of the best in the world. The atmosphere is the gyms brilliant just a bunch of like-minded people enjoying ourselves laughing but most importantly getting the work in to take us to that next level.”

Was the game plan going into the bout to use your heavy grappling pressure and look for takedowns? Instead, minus the short few seconds of exchanges at the start, you seemed to be on Lewis like a leech?

Scott Pedersen – “Yeah, if you look at Marcus’ abilities, there’s no doubt that his striking is high level. So I just wanted to take him away from his game. Plus, I’m comfortable in any area, so if I had to change it up, I know I can do that.”

When you were on his back, you had a tight body triangle around his waist. Did you know that was the beginning of the end when he walked to his corner and looked a bit lost?

Scott Pedersen – “Yeah, when I got the body lock and started breaking him down, I was confident I was either going to get the tap or the TKO.”

Fighters are their most prominent critics. That was a clean performance. How did you view your victory overall? Anything you were unhappy with? 

Scott Pedersen – “I’m always looking for things to work on. I wasn’t happy with the few kicks he landed early, but I just put that down to Marcus’ abilities. He would land those strikes on a lot of men. I’m just looking forward to being back in the gym evolving my skill set.”

The short time you were in there with Lewis, did anything surprise you about him? Did he maybe do something not as well as you would have thought?

Scott Pedersen – “He looked and felt a bit big, but I put that down to me going up a weight class.”

After an impressive first-round win like that, what’s next for you? Any names you have in mind, or is it, take it as it comes? 

Scott Pedersen – “I believe it’s too early for me to be calling out names in the CW featherweight division. I just got to keep my head down and keep getting these wins as of now.”


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Featured Image Credits to: Shore Mixed Martial Arts


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