Cale Makar Signs Six-Year Extension

Cale Makar

Cale Makar



The NHL offseason just gets even crazier by the minute. After a handful of major trades yesterday, the moves keep on coming into today. The Colorado Avalanche are very close to becoming an NHL dynasty. The pieces are there to make that happen, but they seem to be one piece short. One player that is clearly a big part of the future of Colorado is defenseman Cale Makar. Makar is heading into his third full season next year and is already a top 10 defenseman in the league.

Cale Makar has a skillset for a defenseman that you usually see forwards have. His footwork, swiftness, and overall awareness make him a nightmare to go against. He was second overall in the Norris Trophy voting this season behind Adam Fox of the New York Rangers. Makar is a one-of-a-kind player in this league and the Colorado Avalanche have taken notice. Makar and the Avalanche have agreed on a six-year contract with a $9 million average per season. Nice.



On the Cheaper Side

It seems that Nathan MacKinnon has given some words of wisdom to his fellow Avalanche players. When their season ended this year, MacKinnon told the press he would take less money for the sake of the team. It seems that Cale Makar has followed in MacKinnon’s footsteps with this new contract of his.

Makar seems like he could have easily made over $10 million a season for a longer-term. It seems like he is taking a little bit of a pay cut here to help Colorado out with the upcoming free agency. Their captain Gabriel Landeskog is still without a contract and is a UFA. With the amount of money they are saving with the deal, it might be possible now to bring back their captain. Even if that is not the case, the ceiling for Makar is only going to get higher and this could be a steal of a contract looking back in a few seasons.



Generational Talent

We have not seen a defenseman like this in quite some time. Cale Makar has the skills that you would compare to a player like Connor McDavid. These two are completely different players, but the recognition of skill is there for both players. Cale Makar sticks out like no other defenseman can when he is on the ice. He is fast, swift, crafty, and overall intelligent as to what is happening on the ice. Cale Makar can quarterback the power-play extremely well and can hold his own in the Avalanche defensive zone. You won’t find another defenseman in this league at the level of skill that Makar has at the moment.


Career Stats

Over his short career so far, Makar has put up some impressive numbers. In 101 games so far, Cale Makar has put up 20 goals and 74 assists for 94 points. In 35 playoff games, makar has 7 goals and 24 assists for 31 points. Those numbers are extremely elite for a defenseman of Makar’s age. If Makar can keep up this production, he will get a massive payday after this six-year contract is up.



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