Canada Makes Cowards Of The American TOH Staff



The World Junior Championship has come and gone, and the “gold medal elects” have gone home with nothing. Canada, a country that says gold or bust laid an egg in the gold medal game. In the 2-0 game, the USA came out on top, and Spencer Knight proved he was the best goalie in the tournament, and you would think the TOH staff full of American’s would be celebrating. You would be wrong.

McLovin, Bugajsky, and Germano have absolutely zero right to celebrate this American triumph. First, we have McLovin was talking smack about the American’s after one loss to the Russians and even swapped sides like a traitor. The Benedict Arnold of TOH had to watch the American’s win gold on the Canadian stream because of his lack of faith. McLovin, how’s your silver medal.

The USA had its tournament on the line versus Finland in the semi-final. They scored a late goal with just over a minute left to book their gold medal game ticket. Where was Bugzy? He was watching The Bachelor. A tie game, I’m on stream with Mancuso, and Bugzy asks if he should write a blog about The Bachelor. Instead of going for the gold, Bugzy was going for the rose.

Then there is Germano, also know as “Germ Fish.” The Fish who is usually always in the mix when it comes to trash talk at TOH was MIA for the WJC. Some would claim that Germano was scared of Canada and did not believe the Americans had a shot. Germano did not send a single tweet during this entire tournament. If you look up his written tweets, it’s like the tournament never happened.

McLovin walks away with his silver medal, and Bugzy and Germ Fish walk away with nothing. There is only one gold medalist at TOH, and it’s me. I believed in this team since day one and stood up to the Canadians every attack. As I sit in the office of the gold medal champions, I am proud to be an American! Are Mclovin, Bugzy, and Germano? Let us know.

Shoutout to the BLHC Podcast, Uncle Lardy, and The Ref(Bill) true Americans.


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