Capitals Destroy Banged Up Bruins 8-1


TJ Oshie



It has been a very interesting night in Bruins land. The fans have completely abandoned the team just 17 hours until the NHL Trade Deadline. This team has gone through some major injuries this season. Most injuries they have endured have been over the last few weeks. They are without their top two goalies and their top-four defensemen. l can guarantee you that the team on the ice tonight is not the potential of this team, but fans think otherwise. The game against the Capitals tonight was an utter trainwreck, to say the least.

Dan Vladar got his fifth start of the season for the Bruins tonight. It was by far his worst performance of the season. The defense didn’t help him at all in front of him, but he didn’t have the best game either. The score is a great representation of how the game went. The Capitals capitalized on the opportunities that were presented to them. The Bruins did not. That is why the Bruins fall to the Capitals by a score of 8-1 tonight.



Positives From the Bruins Tonight

There is literally one positive from tonight’s game. Craig Smith has been on a hot streak recently and he continued that tonight. He scored the lone goal from the Bruins tonight on the power-play. This is Smith’s eighth goal of the season. Also, Charlie Coyle is now on a three-game point streak. He also now has five points in his last six games. The Bruins are getting their secondary scoring that they have craved all season. It is time to clean up in front of whoever is starting in the net.


Oshie Leading the Way for Capitals

Tonight just showed how dangerous the offense of the Capitals can be. The Bruins shut down the Capitals 5-on-5 offense from their last meeting on Thursday. Tonight, Oshie and the Capitals pounded the Bruins into the ice. Oshie got the party started with his thirteenth of the season. He continued his scoring ways in the third period to put the Capitals up 7-1.

Oshie also got an assist to his name to bring his point total up to 33 points. Oshie has been everything as advertised and more for the Capitals since arriving in 2016. It will be an interesting summer to see if the Capitals protect him from Seattle. It would make sense for the Kraken to acquire him. Just look what he did in tonight’s game. Oshie is a great offensive talent and he has helped this Capitals offense immensely. The Capitals are poised for a deep playoff run once again.


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