Carey Price Enters Players Assistance Program

Carey Price

Carey Price



It takes a strong individual to know when to step away from a bad situation. Carey Price is one of the greatest goaltenders in the entire history of the NHL. He has earned his right to be considered a “future Hall of Famer”. Price is also one of the most genuine human beings on this entire planet. His contributions on and off the ice make him an instant favorite in the entire league. Around this time of the year is when every hockey player should be getting excited about the season. For Carey Price, this is a time that is not for celebrating

Mental health has been a major topic in the NHL over the last week. It is something that we should not take lightly and we should be more aware of it in our lives. Carey Price has apparently been going through some tough times recently and is seeking help from the league. It was announced today that Carey Price has entered the NHL/NHLPA Players Assistance Program.



What is the NHL/NHLPA Players Assistance Program?

Before today, a lot of people might not have heard of this program before. The NHL/NHLPA Players Assistance Program is a program designed around mental health, substance abuse, and other matters. Carey Price is clearly dealing with a lot in his life right now. It takes a true warrior to understand when there is an issue and to get their life back on track with some help. Most players would usually wait until after the season to end to ask for help. Good for Carey Price to understand this cannot wait and to seek help right away.



Support Across The League

Carey Price might be the most likable goalie in the entire NHL today. His infectious attitude will make anyone on the ice have a much better game for themselves. He finally got his chance at the Stanley Cup this year but came up short against the Tampa Bay Lightning in five games. There is one thing that is certain about Carey Price in the NHL. Not one player in this league has something bad to say about him.

Today was a great example of how much Carey Price means to a lot of people around the NHL. When asked about Price today, Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin got emotional and delivered a powerful quote. Bergevin said “Today, I’m not thinking about Carey Price the goaltender. I’m thinking about Carey Price the human being.” At the end of the day, hockey players are just like us. They are human beings with real emotions and real problems just like us.

Players from across the league also showed their support. Maple Leafs’ captain John Tavares shared his thoughts and prayers with his biggest rival. Countless amount of players showed their support for Price. They might be rivals off the ice, but overall, these players have each other’s backs in times of need like this. We need to respect Price and his family’s privacy during this time and not speculate as to what is happening. It is the least we can do.



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