Charles Barkley Says Athletes Deserve The Vaccine First Because We’re All Poor

Okay, maybe he didn’t say it exactly as the title suggests. But now you’re here anyway, so might as well listen.

Tonight’s comments from Charles Barkley on TNT will cause a stir with many. Tonight, while discussing the COVID-19 vaccine, Sir Charles said, “Athletes deserve preferential treatment” when it comes to getting the vaccine early. He justifies it by saying professional athletes “pay more taxes”.  Now before you scream, “I would pay 3 million dollars a year in taxes if I was making millions of dollars to play a game.” These comments are clearly tone-deaf from the former NBA All-star. He will spend the next 24 hours being trashed for these stupid comments.

Now, I will say believe that professional athletes will receive their COVID-19 vaccines before us common people. But to even suggest they should cut the line before doctors, nurses, and other front-line workers is just blasphemous. As much as we all love having sports back on television, they certainly are not essential services. While I respect Charles Barkley, we will have to call a technical foul on this one.

Someone should tell Charles that while paying 3 million dollars a year in tax on a 10 million dollar a year salary is a lot, Charles should try paying 15 thousand dollars a year on a 45 thousand dollar a year salary then talk to us about preferential treatment. Also, anyone who believes that Tristan Thompson should be getting the vaccine before me is an idiot.

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