Chris Leben is Taking the Gloves Off and Throwing Down One Final Time



Chris Leben does not plan to say goodbye to MMA anytime soon. However, this Friday will be his final time striking professionally. Jujutsu is a passion of Leben’s, and so is being involved in MMA.

Leben rolls jujutsu in his free time when he is not training striking for his upcoming PPV fight with Bare Knuckle Fight Club this Friday. Chris “The Crippler” Leben hope’s to someday be refereeing professional MMA fights and competing in jujutsu. He loves that there is not much risk competing in jujutsu because there is no striking.

Leben will be risking it all this Friday when he steps into the ring with the gloves off against Quentin Henry at KnuckleMania. Chris’s popularity came from season one of The Ultimate Fighter. The Ultimate Fighter is not where Leben’s story started and certainly is not where it finished.

Leben’s Story

Chris Leben grew up without his father. Leben’s mom worked hard to provide for Chris and his two younger siblings. Chris did not even meet his father till he was 23-years-old. Leben joined the Army on the promise that if he joined he would be able to wrestle on the Army’s wrestling team. When the promise was broken Leben went AWOL and was discharged.

One day when Leben was visiting his brother at work he noticed Team Quest across the street. Team Quest is an MMA gym founded by Randy Couture. The rest is history. Leben went 4-0 as an amateur fighter and won his first five professional fights. Chris Leben was then invited onto The Ultimate Fighter.

Leben would go on after losing on The Ultimate fighter to fight in the UFC cage 22 times. His biggest victory was a 27 second knockout of Wanderlei Silva. After retirement Leben tried to fight in Bellator. However, due to a heart abnormality, he could not pass his physical and be cleared to fight.

Chris Leben and MMA have a bond like no other and he could not step away from the sport.

Leben enrolled in Herb Dean’s MMA referee course. Leben became eligible to referee events in California which he did. Again Leben would make it to a big stage in MMA, this time in the role of a referee. “The Crippler” had overcome a tough end to his MMA fighting career and a life of substance abuse. Leben was a referee on Golden Boy’s Liddell vs Ortiz 3.

Leben’s Story Continues at Knuckle Mania

This Friday, Leben continues his inspiring story. Leben will step into the BNFC ring just one more time. “The Crippler” has fought three times in the ring since being cleared by doctors, and has a 2-1 record in BNFC. He will face Quentin Henry who has a 2-0 record. Win, lose, or draw, this will be Leben’s final time throwing hands for our entertainment.

Chris Leben is a warrior who needs MMA in his life. Although, the sport needed heart to get to where it is today, so thank god we had Chris Leben.

Get the red hair dye ready, it’s Leben fight week!

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