Chris Leben is the Dark Knight of MMA and Jake Paul is The Joker

Jake Paul has been disrespecting fighters and combat sports, and Chris Leben does not fucking like it.Chris Leben

Chris Leben helped build MMA to the product we all see today. Leben gave excitement to the sport with his trash talk to actual fighters. “The Crippler” is taking exception to Jake Paul talking shit while never actually fighting a real fighter. Paul has signed to fight Ben Askren in a boxing match. Askren is notoriously a bad striker and is the easiest opponent Paul could take.

Chris Leben, on the other hand, is a true striker and is coming off a first-round KO in bare-knuckle boxing’s KnuckleMania. Leben wants to show Jake Paul that there is a difference between fighters and those who pretend to fight. “The Crippler” has called Paul a “dwarf” and a “dweeb”, which Paul is for pretending he is a real fighter after beating a YouTuber and an ex NBA player.

Fight Fans Need Chris Leben

Chris Leben has given all of himself to MMA. Leben has dealt with substance abuse and difficult defeats but has always got back up and come back stronger. Furthermore, he has become a fan favorite because people can relate to Leben. Chris is just a regular guy who was not dealt the best hand but has always been genuinely himself. Leben worked hard and took his knocks to get far in this game and certainly did not use a YouTube channel to take the easiest opponents.

Jake Paul has made a mockery of combat sports and its fighters. However, Leben has never been a hero, but a loudmouth guardian of MMA. Leben is the watchful protector of MMA. When a punk steps into this game that doesn’t belong Leben becomes the hero MMA deserves. Chris Leben is the “Dark Knight” of MMA.

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