Clowney Lands One Year Contract in Cleveland



Former number one overall pick Jadeveon Clowney is taking his talent to Cleveland.

The Deal

Wednesday afternoon Clowney signed a one-year, $8M deal with the Browns. With incentives, the deal could be worth up to $10M. This is slightly less than his previous one-year deal with Tennessee, which maxed out around $15M.

Clowney played poorly last season as a result of battling numerous injury setbacks. Clowney played a total of eight games where he had 19 total tackles and zero sacks. Yes, that’s correct, the man had a goose egg in the sacks department.

The Browns were very much in the hunt for Clowney last season and were said to be a top-three contender to get him. As always, the rumors in Cleveland were stirring. Browns fans were making posts that Clowney had purchased a house in Strongsville last year. This is a long-running joke for many Cleveland fans. Now that Clowney played his poor season in Tennessee, the Browns were able to get Jadeveon far cheaper than expected.

Clowney has very much struggled to find a rhythm after leaving Houston in 2018. The three-time pro-bowler had nine sacks in 2018 and 9.5 in 2017. Since the 2018 season, his play has been very lackluster at best, looking more for money than to truly play ball.

Cleveland believes they can get Clowney back to top shape before the season starts. If they can find the Clowney of old, their defensive line could be monstrous with Myles Garrett opposite Clowney.

The Team so Far

Many analysts have speculated that Cleveland had one of the best free agencies of the year with all of their great picks. Aside from just picking up 28-year-old Clowney, who still has life, they’ve also upped their defensive backs. Last month the Browns Picked up Pro-Bowl snub John Johnson. They followed this by grabbing former teammate Troy Hill, a great corner who can play the ball very well. They also picked up former first-round pick Takk McKinley as well as former Pro-Bowl tackle Malik Jackson.

Given that the team lost two of their starting defensive lineman after last season, Their roster moves so far have been great. McKinley will be a good asset to the team and will back up Clowney nicely.

If Clowney can get back to his Pro-Bowl ways, Cleveland’s defensive line could be the best in football. If Clowney plays well this year, the 28-year-old could find himself with a multiple-year contract going into the 2022 season.

Jadeveon’s signing day doubles as Baker Mayfield’s 26th birthday. Mayfield, in response to the signing of Clowney, said “This is a nice birthday gift”.

The Picks

For those of you counting at home, that’s now three number one overall picks on the Browns roster. With former number one picks Alex Smith and Eric Fisher still free agents, there are currently nine number one picks active in the NFL. Cleveland now makes up for a third of this total.

With the acquisition of Clowney, the Browns look to have one of the fiercest defenses in the league next season.


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