Common Sense Prevails As UFC Changes It’s Anti-Doping Policy


Somewhere Nick & Nate Diaz are smiling from ear to ear.

The UFC recently announced a drastic change to its anti-doping policy and will no longer be punishing fighters who test positive for THC. The UFC and the U.S. Anti Doping Agency announced the change and modifications with “handling cannabis and its naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds… this means positive tests for THC will no longer be considered violations of the policy.”

The UFC did state that they will continue to prevent athletes from fighting while under the influence of marijuana. They now recognize the benefits THC can have in a fighter’s rehabilitation.

It’s always a good day when common sense prevails. Fighters have been using marijuana for more than just getting high since the sport came into existence. Let’s hope this new-found policy reduces the number of prescription pills being diagnosed to fighters. In the words of Nate Dogg, “Hey hey hey hey…Smoke weed every day.”



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