Connor McDavid is God On Skates

Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid



Connor McDavid is by far the best player in the NHL today. His explosive speed and puck-handling skills are a nightmare for opposing teams to try and defend. There is a reason he is one of the most prolifically scouted players of all time before he was drafted. When he was drafted number one overall by Edmonton back in 2015, everyone thought he would be in trouble for his career. Edmonton is known for drafting highly skilled players and tarnishing their careers. McDavid has done the opposite of that since his arrival.

A few seasons after he was drafted, Connor McDavid was named the captain of the Edmonton Oilers. Ever since then, the Oilers have made the playoffs in three of the five seasons, including this season. With the entire league facing its most difficult season ever, McDavid still found a way to make history.



Nearly Impossible in Today’s Game

Today’s version of the NHL is completely different from the days of Lemieux and Gretzky. The game is much faster, much more skilled and one little mistake could lead to a disaster. Connor McDavid is playing in his own league on his own planet right now. In a condensed season where each team plays 56 games, Connor McDavid still managed to put up 100 points.

Reaching the 100 point plateau is incredible in any season. The fact that Connor McDavid reached this milestone in just 53 games is god-like. Sidney Crosby ruled this league for many years by playing the same style of hockey as McDavid. McDavid’s ability to elude traffic and still make a ridiculous move in tight on a goaltender is impossible to understand. Only Connor McDavid can make these types of plays and that’s why he is God on skates.


McDavid or Matthews?

The whole debate right now revolves around Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. Each of them is having historic seasons with their offensive production in the North Division. If you would rather take Auston Matthews, it is probably because you want someone who can guarantee a goal night in and night out. If you choose Connor McDavid, you would be getting someone who can help his teammates around him and score at will.

Between the two, I would have to pick Connor McDavid. Not only can he score goals like Matthews, but he can also set up other forwards for tap-in goals in crucial times. That is super valuable when the playoffs start. You need someone to rely on to give your team a momentum-building shift and no one does that better than Connor McDavid.



Just Give Him The Hart Trophy

Connor McDavid is no stranger to the NHL Awards show. In back-to-back seasons in 2017 and 2018, he won the Art Ross Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award.  That is impressive. To have the most points in the NHL is one thing, but to be named the best player by your peers is another impressive feat. After the 2016-17 season, fresh off of leading Edmonton to the playoffs, Connor McDavid won the Hart Memorial Trophy as the league MVP.

This season, I don’t think there is any denying that McDavid is winning the MVP this year. When you score 100 points in just 53 games, that means you will be the unanimous vote. There is no debate here. McDavid is single-handedly beating up teams (alongside Leon Draisaitl) and it is a pleasure to watch it all unfold. Connor McDavid is God on skates and you can’t deny this by any means necessary.



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