Dale Tallon Under Investigation By NHL For Using Racist Language In The Bubble

Dale Tallon

The legend of Dale Tallon continues even after he got fired. Tallon has been known to be a questionable figure with his time in Florida. His decisions for the team were not taken positively in recent memory. From signing Bobrovsky to that horrendous deal to the trade of Reilly Smith to Vegas so they would take Marchessault. There’s a reason he was fired as GM of the Panthers. Now, Tallon is in the headlines for another bad look to his character. Reports came out today that he allegedly used racial slurs towards his team as they participated in this year’s qualifier round in Toronto.

Talk about coincidental timing. After the headlines exploded with the players stepping up against racism and postponing one game each for all remaining playoff teams, this is something you do not want on your head. Tallon has come out to deny these allegations and the NHL won’t comment on the situation. The only update we have is that they continue to investigate and have no comments at the moment. If these allegations are proven to be true, add Dale Tallon to the list of biggest scumbags in hockey. There is no room for that anywhere near our great game. Shame on Tallon.

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