David Pastrnak is a Freakin’ Rockstar

David Pastrnak



There are some great personalities around the NHL. Some great personalities include the ones of John Tortorella, Biznasty, or even Brad Marchand. There is one player that tops all of them. That player is David Pastrnak. Pasta is a superstar in this league and one of the best goal scorers in the game today. Pastrnak knows how to score big-time goals and make some big-time plays to his teammates. He has really emerged as a rockstar these last few seasons.



Pasta has 112 points over a span of a full season. That is insane to think about. What is more impressive is that 59 of those 113 points are goals. This man is a goal-scoring machine. Not only is he a prolific offensive player, but Pasta is also the worst/greatest actor on the planet.



“Hey yo ref? Check your voicemail. You missed some calls”. What a line. Do you want some more great content from this man? Fresh off of a hattrick at Lake Tahoe, Pastrnak is asked to speak to the media on zoom. It seems like Pastrnak would be happy to talk about his performance on such a big stage. Instead, he is more concerned about missing a certain song playing in the locker room. If you have that look he has, you have to dance to Aqua.



How can you not like this guy? He is such a joy to watch on and off the ice. Whether he is ripping pucks top-shelf past goalies or getting a cold brew in the penalty box, Pasta is a gift to society. We do not deserve his presence sometimes. Catch the best goals of his career below.



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