Deshaun Watson Officially Requests Trade



Early on Thursday morning, the Houston Texans made it official that a trade request was filed by their star QB. This trade request is just the beginning of a long process for Deshaun. Now it’s all up to the Texans. 

How it Started

Earlier this month, there were reports that the top two destinations Deshaun Watson was hoping for were the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. For the Texans, these are both very reasonable places. The New York Jets have the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, while the Miami Dolphins have the third overall pick. If the Texans are forced into trading away their quarterback, this year may be the best draft to get another. With the Jacksonville Jaguars having the number one overall pick in the draft, it is expected they will select Trevor Lawrence. With Lawernce off the board, other names such as Justin Fields and Zach Wilson become the top prospects. 

Is this the best time to move on from Deshaun and begin the rebuilding process? After the Texans traded away star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, it seemed like they were going into that mode. 

Well, their star players are not looking to do that.

The Texans still had all the key pieces of a successful team with a good quarterback and one of the best defensive players in the league: JJ Watt. Coming off of a disappointing 4-12 season, their stars are over it. Following a week 17 loss to the Tennessee Titans, JJ Watt was heard saying “I’m sorry. We wasted one of your years” to Deshaun Watson as they walked off the field together.  

The Downfall

The only party to blame for this mess is the Texans organization. At the beginning of the season, Bill O’Brien traded away DeAndre Hopkins because Hopkins “wanted a raise”. Even though he had THREE years left on his contract. Following the trade, the Texans started their season 0-4 and fired Bill O’Brien. After that, the Texans would only win 4 games all season. It was time to look for a new coach and general manager. Being the leader of the team, Deshaun Watson wanted some say in who gets interviewed and who gets hired.

Again, the Texans did not give a shit.

The Texans did not even care enough to interview Eric Bieniemy, Watson’s choice, and went ahead with their hiring’s without consulting with Watson. 

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Now the entire city of Houston is losing its superstars. Just a few weeks ago, the Houston Rockets traded superstar James Harden. There has been plenty of speculation around JJ Watt leaving. Now, it seems certain that Deshaun Watson is on his way too. 

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