Doc Emrick Is Retiring And I’m NOT Okay



Monday’s are the worst. I just was on the Twitter dot com machine and saw that legendary play by play announcer Doc Emrick is retiring. You mean the puck isn’t going to be skidder’d around the boards anymore? Doc Emrick has been calling hockey since 1973 and is the voice of the NHL across North America. I am not okay right now.


I hope I can handle retirement okay,” Emrick said to The  New York Post last night, “especially since I’ve never done it before. But I’ve just been extremely lucky for 50 years. And NBC has been so good to me, especially since the pandemic when I was allowed to work from home in a studio NBC created; now, into my golden years, this just seemed to be the time that was right. Plus, I’ve now accumulated enough frequent-flyer miles — not to go anywhere.” God bless Doc Emrick. I hope he has the best retirement ever. I can’t wait to see who they replace him with, but I’m also terrified because I can’t think of one person good enough to fill the king himself’s boots. Doc Emrick forever.

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