Dylan Moran Wants To And Would Kill Jake Paul

First, let’s start by getting the facts out of the way.

Dylan Moran would kill Jake Paul in less than one round. Jake Paul has zero fights recorded against actual professional fighters. The YouTuber is talking a big game after boxing another YouTuber and an ex NBA player. Dylan Moran is an actual fighter with a 15-1 record. It is no exaggeration to say that Paul would be the easiest fight of Moran’s career. Moran would not even be giving Paul the time of day if he had not pissed him off. Paul made a YouTube video trying to shit on Conor McGregor for having a bad sparring partner. It certainly backfired, and now Moran wants Paul’s head on a stick.

First of all, Jake Paul is a clown for pretending not to know how to pronounce Dustin Poirier’s name. Second, he is trying to clown on Moran for losing a professional fight (something Paul has never been in). McGregor could care less what Jake Paul says. However, he struck a chord with Dylan Moran.

Jake Paul knows how to hype stuff up and cause a stir because of his profession. Paul is not a professional fighter though, and he might learn that MMA stars are not the guys you want to piss off. Dylan Moran is now challenging Paul to a fight, not for money,  but because he wants to shut Jake Paul’s fucking mouth. Moran is currently at Fight Island for UFC 257 helping The Notorious prepare for his fight with Dustin Poirier. When he gets back, he should fly straight to America to find Paul.

I have said before that Paul should have to fight an amateur boxer before he gets a shot at a professional fight, but fuck that. If Moran wants to teach Jake Paul that being a fighter isn’t about beating up YouTubers and ex NBA players, let Moran show him. This fight would only go as long as Moran wanted it to.

Jake Paul, all eyes are on you, just like you wanted. We watched you talk the shit, now let’s see you back it up you coward. Dylan the world is watching you as well, so go shut this fool up.

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