Eric Trump’s Tweet Isn’t The NHL’s Fault…Relax



Another day another twitter outrage over something in the game of hockey, today President Donald Trump’s idiot son Eric, applauded the NHL players for standing during the national anthem and taking a sucker-punch at the Black Lives Matter movement in the process. While this tweet is extremely dumb the reaction from the blue checkmarks again was “Hockey Bad” which is typical yet annoying all at the same time.

I get it, you don’t like the Trumps and that’s okay they’re assholes but the reaction like this is somehow the NHL’s fault on twitter is just more “Like fishing “from the blue checkmark army. The NHL has done a fantastic job with its return to play format, it’s providing a safe and great product for all to enjoy. Eric Trump praising the NHL isn’t the NHL’s fault…It’s time to grow up and not fall into all of the Trump’s traps guys, It’s out of hand now, freedom of expression not only covers a player’s right to kneel during the anthem it also covers a player’s right to stand. The NHL isn’t the problem and the solidarity the players have shown this week has been incredible.

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