Evander Kane Accused of Betting on NHL Games

Evander Kane

Evander Kane



We all know the reputation of Evander Kane. This guy is a very talented player but has had his fair share of issues off the ice. Whether it is reports of his massive debt or going after Ryan Reaves, this guy is always in the spotlight. There are new reports going around involving Kane and his wife that are pretty disturbing.

Evander Kane is well known for being addicted to gambling. In a recent post on Instagram, his wife is accusing Kane of gambling on his own games as well as throwing games for the sake of making money. We all know that there are extremely strict rules when it comes to betting on NHL games these days. It seems that Kane has let his addiction get the best of him and now he is under full investigation from the league. The worst that could probably come from this is a lengthy suspension for the upcoming season. We could also see a massive fine to go with the suspension.



The Bigger Picture

These allegations are extremely serious ones against the Sharks‘ star. It is one thing to bet on games, but to accuse someone of throwing games on purpose is extremely disturbing. While the investigation is far from over, all of these accusations seem to have people dealing with mixed emotions. Are these accusations true or are they part of a bigger scam for the benefit of the accuser?

It seems that this whole situation is possible thanks to Evander Kane’s reputation when it comes to gambling. However, it seems to be a far-fetched idea that one person is blowing games for his entire team. There are 18 skaters on the ice for a team every game. While one person’s effort can be viewed as lackluster, it is extremely rare for one person to throw a game for his entire team. It also seems like it would have been more noticeable to the common eye if Kane was doing this. I am not picking sides here, but overall you need to hear each side of the story before making a decision.



Evander Kane Responds

Whether this was the right move or not, Evander Kane has released a public response. It sounds like his PR team seems to be against this decision, but he felt it was the right thing to do. Kane has denied all accusations made against him by his now “ex-wife” and he hopes the truth will come forth. While Kane continues to deny this, the overall thought process is how this was sparked in the first place.

The gambling side of the story aside, the other accusations are just as disturbing. To say he went on a European vacation while their house was being taken from the bank is extremely alarming. The other accusation of not texting her at all during that process is wild as well. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but Evander Kane better have a good case in his name to save his career from spiraling.



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