Evander Kane Suspended 21 Games

Evander Kane

Evander Kane



This man might be the most talked-about man in the NHL today. Evander Kane has made headlines across the league over his entire career. The former fourth overall pick by Atlanta has shown signs of being a superstar in this league. He is a gifted goal scorer and can provide an offensive spark when needed. The only problem with Evander Kane is what happens in his life off the ice. There have been multiple serious accusations against the Sharks forward and one of them has caused some action.

Evander Kane was in the headline after accusations came out from his fiancée about him betting on his NHL games. This is highly frowned upon by the league. While there seemed to be some evidence to suggest this might be true, the NHL concluded an investigation and found no evidence of such claims. This time, the NHL caught Kane red-handed. The NHL has issued a 21 game suspension to Evander Kane for violating the NHL COVID protocols.



Long History Of Trouble

Evander Kane isn’t the most smooth and influential person in this world. He has done a lot of good in his life as a professional athlete, but overall the good is overshadowed by the bad. He has been caught multiple times having an addiction to gambling. The man is also in fear of going bankrupt because of his gambling addiction. This accusation is just the cherry on top of all.

Evander Kane is being suspended for one reason and one reason only. There are multiple ways an NHL player can break protocols set in place for COVID-19, but this instance is one for the record books. Evander Kane was caught using a fake COVID-19 vaccine card. The vaccine determines which players are allowed to travel to certain towns, especially if the game is over an international border. Kane is also lucky he isn’t being charged criminally for this. In some instances, a fake vaccine card can be viewed as a federal offense. This man just cannot get out of the headlines for bonehead decisions on his behalf.



Is It Enough?

It is very clear that Evander Kane is a distraction to the entire NHL and especially the Sharks locker room. A lot of teammates of Kane have stated that they wouldn’t want to play for the Sharks if Kane was still on the team. The players got their wish as now Kane is gone for at least 21 regular-season games. The real question is “is it enough?”

Evander Kane hasn’t been in a positive headline in over two years. It is clear that a man with his reputation does not belong in this league. The accusations made by his fiancée are both horrific and disturbing. A young player or fan around this sport shouldn’t have to deal with this type of personality around this league. I do hope that Kane can find help and get a better attitude for the sake of the people around him.


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