Fight: Watch Dylan Cozens vs Ryan Lindgren


Who doesn’t love a good hockey fight? Late in the game between the New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres, Dylan Cozens and Ryan Lindgren dropped the gloves. A battle in front of the net turned into Cozens laying haymakers. If you look closely enough Cozens’s mouthguard gets knocked out of his mouth. We were given a great round of fisticuffs on a Tuesday night and it is safe to say Cozens won this fight.

This was Dylan Cozens’s first career fight, while for Lindgren it was his 3rd in the NHL. Both guys have fighting experience in junior-level hockey. Lindgren has also had some fights while he spent time in the AHL. The final score of the game remained the same with the Rangers taking the game by a score of 3-2.

This is easily one of the highlights of the Buffalo Sabres season so far. They better not fuck shit up with Dylan Cozens either. This is a kid that has already proven he is someone that needs to be a part of their future. Stepping into his first NHL fight just 15 games into his pro career speaks volumes to the type of player this kid is.

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